a strange umbreon  (Read 1353 times)


a strange umbreon
« on: May 06 2010, 05:06 PM »
this dream was very odd and so realistic I must post it!

so it started out as me in a gift shop-like place, it had a bunch of little nik-nacks like pens and candy and what not. The store also happened to be a house, i cant remember whos it was, maybe mine? The usual cashier was out sick or something and there was a guy that sort of resembled my science student-teacher. I went out for whatever reason, shopping  or whatever. When i came back the shop room was dim, gloomy, dark blue light. everything was gone but the counter, and there was a realistic umbreon (the pokemon) standing there. it literaly looked like a fox with the markings of an umbreon, no odd shaped ears or whatever. when i got a closer look i realized it wasnt the exact markings of an umbreon, it HAD the normal ear, tail, and fore-head markings, but there was no yellow rings on the arms, and it had strange yellow markings on the back. the cashier was gone so i was assuming the umbreon killed him, but for some reason i didnt fear it, and i picked it up as if it were my own pet, but it wasnt. i took it into a lighter room full of people to show them, but as the light hit it, its coloring just turned into a plain cream-brown color. i cuffed my hand around its ear to cast a shadow and the black and yellow on its ear showed partialy. after that i had realized that it only has the markings of an umbreon in the dark. i put it down and it sat a few feet away from me. it said something to me but i cant remember what, but i remember that it was annoyed/angry with me for something that had happened in the past.

the strange thing about this dream that made me post this is that it was so real. it felt like it had really happened and i could even feel the fur on the umbreon.

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Re: a strange umbreon
« Reply #1 on: May 07 2010, 04:31 PM »
Realistic dreams eh ? that the kind of dream i always do all my sense are actives and I feel so great in these. Most of the time i make mistake from memory of these astrals(my mom and my cousin call them like that) of the reality.

You know pokemon could be a world that really exist somewere in the dream river witch you have probably entered.

did you have any emmotions or anything like that ?


Re: a strange umbreon
« Reply #2 on: May 07 2010, 05:36 PM »
my emotions were pretty much normal without the dream but when it started talking to me i felt guilty, but i dont know what i have to be guilty about. when i woke up i thought that maybe the dream was a warning or something.
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