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Chapter Two: Interruption


   Yuki turned to face his captor, a five-tailed kitsune with light blue fur, deep blue eyes, and white tailtips. The two were in an underwater cavern. Lanterns emitting a bright blue light were placed every few feet throughout the cave. “What the hell is going on here?” he asked. “Who are you?”

   The kitsune glared back at Yuki, ears pinned back. “Who wants to know?” she growled. “Why don't you tell me your name first, trespasser?” She placed emphasis on the word 'trespasser', spitting in Yuki's face. Yuki assumed a defensive position, growling in response to the kitsune. “My name is Yuki. I'm only passing through with my friends to track down Flare.”

   The vixen's ears perked. “So, you say your name is Yuki? I know of someone with that name. But that doesn't give me enough reason to trust you. Not yet, at least.” Yuki continued to remain in a defensive stance. “Yes. I am Yuki,” he said. “Now are you going to tell me your name?” The vixen sighed softly, and responded. “My name's Mizu. And that is the only question I am answering for you until you answer my questions. And to start, you can tell me why you want to find Flare.”
   “To defeat her and the one named Akuma,” Yuki responded. “Their actions are uncalled for.”
   Mizu nodded. “I see. And who are these friends?”
   “Pyro, Pyra, and Electra. Pyro and Pyra are close friends of mine.”
   “Pyro and Pyra,” Mizu said. “I know them, too.”
   “So, why didn't you talk to them instead of capturing me?” Yuki asked.
   “I wanted to be sure you weren't kidnapping them, that you weren't yet another servant of Akuma's.”

   “If I were, would I be trying to figure out where she was?” Yuki said. “Also, I don't think Pyro and Pyra would let themselves be captured without a fight.”
   “I suppose you're right,” Mizu sighed, bowing her head. “I wasn't thinking, just too many things going on here. Please, forgive me.”
   Yuki nodded, “It's alright. Just take me back to my friends.”

* * *
   Electra looked into the lake. “We need to rescue him,” she said. “I don't think he could breathe underwater for that long.” Pyro shook her head. “I...wouldn't worry about him being able to breathe,” she replied. “He would likely have been taken into an area with a negligible amount of water in it. Or they would make sure he could breathe, at least.” Electra turned to Pyro. “Who do you think it is anyways?”

   “A friend of mine,” Pyro responded. “Mizu. I never knew her to just capture someone randomly. Though I do know she wouldn't kill anyone on sight unless she knew they were an enemy.”
   “But Yuki's not an enemy,” Electra said. “Could this be a case of mistaken identity or something?”
   “Maybe. Though, Yuki is able to work his way out of situations like that. He'll be fine.”
   “I hope so,” Electra looked back at the lake. “He's been down there for a very long time.”

   Soon after Electra spoke, Mizu and Yuki emerged from the lake. They swam towards the three vixens, and climbed out, shaking the water out of their fur. Electra ran to Yuki. “Yuki!” she exclaimed. “Are you okay?” Yuki nodded, shaking more water from his fur. “Just a little wet,” he said.

   Mizu walked to Pyro and Pyra. “I am so sorry,” she said. “I thought he was leading you into a trap and...” Pyro giggled, “Yuki? Leading us into traps? Don't be silly, he would never do that!”
   “Yeah,” Mizu responded with a sigh. “I know now.”
   “Hey,” Pyra said, “Don't worry about it. Why don't you join us? The more we have going against this Akuma bitch, the better.”
   Mizu nodded. “Sure. I'm always willing to help, especially for causes like this.”
   “Cool. We were about to head down that way, past Shadoya. I think Flare went that way.”

   The five kitsune walked around the lake, and onto a path leading to another clearing. The area was surrounded by trees with a variety of fruit on them. The silence was broken by a female voice calling from within the trees, “Yuki?”  

   "That voice," Mizu said, "it sounds familiar."
   “It sounds familiar to me, too,” Yuki looked around to find the source of the voice.
   The voice called out, "Yuki, it's me!"
   "'Me'?" Yuki asked. "Who's 'me'? If we really know each other, then, show yourself. Please."
   "Look behind you, then."

   Yuki and the others turned around to see a pink-furred kitsune walk out from the bushes. Her eyes were a deep purple color, appearing to shine like amethysts. Six tails with black tips flowed behind her, moving rhythmically in the soft breeze. She then spoke, "See? It's me. Pyrova."

   "Hey!" Yuki ran to Pyrova, "It's been a while."
   "Yeah,” Pyrova nodded. “A couple years, at least."
   "How have you been?"
   "I've been doing great. And, in fact, I have great news for you!"
   "Great news?” Yuki asked. “Let's hear it!”
   "Okay! Well, you'll be interested to know that four years ago, I have been working on a project...I'm sure you recall me having a project back then, right?"
   “You wouldn't even tell me what it was.”
   "Right. Now I can tell you. You remember mentioning to me about having a-"

   As Pyrova was about to finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Flare, who walked up behind her, speaking, "Shut up, you. I have a more important announcement to make. So...if you could just shut the hell up, that would be great." Pyrova turned around, glaring at Flare. "Excuse me? What gives you the right to order me around?"

   "I asked nicely, bitch," Flare snapped at Pyrova.
   "You want to start something?" Pyrova growled. “Because I will kick your ass.”
   Flare stuck Pyrova across her muzzle, "I said, 'Shut the hell up.' Now shut up! Anyways, as I was going to say...before that pink bitch interrupted me...I have someone I'd like you to meet. Her Garoukon. Garoukon, please, reveal yourself to these dumbasses."

   A wolf-like creature walked out from the forest, across from where Flare was standing. The wolf stood about five feet tall, and wore a black robe. She had white fur with blue markings, and five whip-like tails with black tips. "Well hello, little ones," she spoke, giggling.

   "And what's so special about her?" Yuki sarcastically asked.
   "You'll find out," Flare said.
   "What," Mizu said, "You think you can intimidate us with someone taller than us?"
   "Who said I was trying to intimidate you?"
   "It's obvious. Getting some big bad wolf to beat us up because you can't do it yourself. You fail."
   "Uh, right...Enough talk now."
   "Oh, no, no," Mizu said, laughing, "This is funny."

   Garoukon walked up behind Mizu, and whipped her with a tail. “She said shut up!” she shouted. Mizu turned around, growling at Garoukon as Pyrova ran up next to her, and spat a ball of pink flame at Garoukon. The fireball hit her on the chest, pushing her back a few inches. Garoukon laughed as she lashed Mizu and Pyrova with her tails, then kicked them both a few feet away.

   Yuki turned towards Garoukon with his tails spread out, glowing with an icy blue energy. Before he could do anything else, Flare jumped in front of him, and spat out three balls of fire at him, singeing his fur, and breaking his concentration. “Sorry,” she said. “We have something else planned for you.” She looked to Garoukon. “Garoukon!” she called, “Now!”

   Garoukon nodded, reaching into the pocket of her robe, and pulling out what appeared to be a straw. She turned to face Yuki. “It's naptime for you,” she said, placing the straw in her mouth. She blew into the straw, causing a dart to fly out and hit Yuki directly in the chest. Yuki immediately collapsed, losing consciousness.

   “Yuki!” Electra cried, running towards him. Flare turned around, and spat a fireball at her. Garoukon walked over to Flare, and lifted Yuki off the ground. “We should get going,” she said. Flare nodded, “Right.” She turned to the group. “Well, kids,” she said. “We got what we needed. See ya later!” She ran into the forest, followed by Garoukon. Electra started to run after Flare and Garoukon. “Get back here!” she growled.

   “Electra,” Mizu called out to her. “Don't follow them.”
   “But, we need to get Yuki back,” Electra walked back to Mizu. “Who knows what they're going to do to him.”
   “I know, but we should come up with a plan, first.”
   “Mizu's right,” Pyrova said. “Garoukon is a bit tough, and we don't know what we'd be up against if we did follow.”
   “Alright,” Electra responded with a sigh.
   “Anyways,” Pyro said, “What was the great news?”
   Pyrova responded, “I'd rather Yuki be the first to find out, as it is important that he does know.”
   “Oh, okay. So, what do we do now?”
   “We rest first, then we try and find Yuki.” Pyrova looked to the side. “The only problem is...we don't know where to look.”

* * *
   Garoukon placed Yuki inside a cage, chaining each of his paws to the floor. She stroked his head fur, then closed the door. “There we go,” she said, turning to Flare. “When he wakes up, he will find he has no way out.” Flare smirked, looking at Yuki. “Excellent. After I have my fun with him, I'll give him to Akuma.”


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