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Chapter One: Under Fire


Chapter One: Under Fire---
   Yuki awakened from his slumber, finding himself on the edge of a lake beneath a waterfall. He stood up slowly, shaking his head. “Damn,” he thought to himself. “Such a display of power.” He walked around the lake, checking his surroundings to find that he was alone. “Wait, where is Cyan....and Spectra?” He looked towards a path leading into a forest with bluish-green trees. He entered it, and continued his search. After a few minutes, Yuki noticed a short, golden-furred vixen with four tails.

   The vixen looked to Yuki, and smiled. “So, you're finally awake,” she said. “You kind of dropped in here. What happened?”
   “Oh,” Yuki responded. “My mate, her cousin, and I...we were in a battle, and...well, we got our heads handed to us, apparently.”
   “I see,” the vixen nodded. “You're the only one that I saw land here. Maybe they ended up somewhere else?”
   “Probably.” Yuki shook his head. “Who are you, anyways?”
   “Oh, sorry. My name is Electra. I lived in the village that was down this path.”
   “Nice to meet you. My name's Yuki. And what do you mean 'was'?”
   Electra sighed softly, “Two nights ago, someone named Flare came to our village and torched it while everyone was sleeping. Almost everyone fled, the rest...well...”
   “Flare?” Yuki asked. Why does that name sound familiar? “Why did she do that?”
   “Something about worshiping this being named 'Akuma'. She came to our village before, demanding that we obey her,” Electra responded. “Naturally, we refused, and she said we would regret the decision. Well, I guess that's her idea of making us 'regret it'. Anyways, this 'Akuma' is apparently spreading her terror all around this island. Me and a few others are trying to get together to defeat her.”
   “Hm,” Yuki said. “Maybe I should help you guys out while I'm here.”
   Electra smiled, “That would be awesome. Follow me.”

   Electra led Yuki further into the forest until they reached the entrance to a village whose buildings were mostly burnt down. There were only two buildings left standing. “This is where Flare attacked that night,” she said. “Further down is another place that is constantly being harassed by her, even though only two live there now.” She continued to lead Yuki onto another path. They stopped in front of a house with broken windows and a door hanging by one hinge. “This is where they are.” Electra pushed the door open with her paw. “Pyro? Pyra?” she called. Not long after she called their names, two identical vixens walked to the door. They both had reddish-orange fur and six tails. They looked to Electra, then at Yuki.

   “Yuki?” Pyro asked. “Is that really you?”
   “Of course,” he said. “Who else would it be?”
   “Wow, it's so nice to see you again. It's been so long. What brings you here?”
   “You remember the one who is holding the spirit of Cyan's sister, right? Well, we were fighting her, and...well, we lost. I don't know where Cyan or Spectra ended up, but while looking for them, I decided to help out with the situation here.”
   Pyra nodded, “That sounds good. The helping out part, that is. Sorry you guys got beaten.”
   “Yeah,” Pyro said. “Flare is a real pain to deal with. We don't even know who this 'Akuma' bitch is. Though I do know, that there is something familiar about Flare.”
   “You, too?” Yuki asked. “The name alone sounds familiar.”

   A voice called out from behind Yuki and Electra. “This name alone, should instill fear into your hearts!”
   “Flare!” Electra exclaimed as she and Yuki turned to see a seven-tailed, red vixen with orange chest fur. “So here I was, about to give certain twins some hell, when I see a new face among my enemies.” The vixen smirked as she looked Yuki over. “Who's this handsome blue fox you have with you, goldie?” she sneered, looking to Electra. “Is he your boyfriend?”
   Electra blushed, looking to the side. “No, he's just a friend. We haven't even known each other long enough.”
   “I am Yuki,” Yuki responded. “And if you're Flare, then, I already don't like you.”
   Flare laughed sinisterly. “You don't? Does this mean you'll make the same mistake these other three have made? Because that would be quite a shame. You look like the perfect king to rule alongside Akuma.”
   “You mean not obeying you? I wouldn't call it a mistake.”
   Flare smirked, her body surrounding itself in flames. “In that case, I'm sorry to say you will perish with these other three.” A figure of Flare formed from fire appeared to leap from her body towards Yuki. Pyro and Pyra immediately jumped in front of him, shielding him from the fire. “Back off, bitch!” Pyra growled, baring her fangs.

   Yuki looked back at Flare. “We shall see about that,” he said, his tails glowing with icy blue energy. “Why don't you go tell your little friend Akuma that we're coming for her, and her actions are going to be punished.” He flicked his tails towards Flare, sending six icicles in her direction. One of the icicles grazed her left side while the rest missed. She growled, glaring at Yuki. “Oh, I'll tell her about you, alright,” she said. “You...especially.” She turned away from the group, and ran deeper into the forest.

   Pyro and Pyra turned to look at Yuki. “This is what we had to deal with for the past couple days,” Pyro told him. “Though all we have to do is attack her to get her to leave us alone...even though the peace isn't long lived.” Yuki nodded, looking in the direction Flare ran. “I see.” He looked to the other three. “Though, shouldn't we follow her?” Pyro and Pyra looked at each other while Electra shook her head. “We tried, but couldn't find where she went. We could try again, I guess.”

   Yuki started to walk in the same direction Flare ran, motioning to the vixens to follow. “We could look for something leading us to where she's gone next.” They continued to walk until they reached a clearing which was surrounded by trees. There was a lake in the center, and a path across from the group. Before Yuki was able to say anything, a blue blur leapt out from the water, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and returned to the lake. “Yuki!” Electra ran to the edge of the lake, looking into it. “What the hell was that?” She looked to Pyro and Pyra, who were standing on either side of her. “I don't know,” Pyro said. “But if it's who I think it is, we may be in trouble.”


   Meanwhile, in a dark cavern lit with torches, Flare was standing in front of a shadowy fox-like figure with red eyes. “We've got another one working against us,” she said. “His name is Yuki. He's strong, and would be good enough to be a king if we could only get through to him. We just need to separate him from those runts.”

   The figure spoke. “What is the problem?”
   “They're...becoming too much for me,” Flare responded. “I'll need assistance, someone to distract them while I face Yuki alone.”
   “Hm...Okay, take Garoukon with you. She will keep them busy while you handle Yuki yourself. Bring him here if you succeed. I want to get a good look at him, myself.”
   “Thanks, Akuma.” Flare bowed her head. “I will do that.”

Awesome so far. I didn't know you were a writer.

I haven't done much writing since 2006, so it might not be well-known. I'll hopefully have chapter two done by Friday Tuesday. It might not take me that long since it is almost already the way I want it. Just figuring out how to deal with Yuki's captor, who isn't as bad as Pyro and Pyra think. In fact, s/he isn't an enemy at all, it was a mistake.


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