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Writers Wanted (Fox Magic Companion)

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Now that Fox Magic is done and out, I'm working on a companion guide for it, and need writers to help get it done quickly.  If you have a copy of Fox Magic, and would like to see your name in print, please let me know.  :)

i have fox magic (good btw and accurate at most) I would love to help.  just ask what you want.

Well, so far I've got it being broken down into the following:

1)  Shinto -- huge amount of detail on the shinto faith, worship, the kami, cleanliness, and so forth.
2)  The Breeds -- information on each breed, what it means to be a member of that breed, your duties, etc.
3)  The Myobu and Nogitsune -- information on becoming a direct servant of Inari and the Jewel Maiden, the duties and responsibilities of such.
4)  The Others -- detailing other shape shifters, and how to allow them as characters, including the neko, tengu, and tanuki.
5)  Magic -- a detailed look at shugendo, mahou, onmyoji, and other forms of magic, going into greater detail into what can be done with it.
6)  Outside -- looking at foxes and tricksters from other cultures, from the dangerous European foxes, to the Coyotes of North America.
7)  The advanced Story Point System.

Chapters 1 through 6 will have additional Merits, Perks, and Advantages, as well as providing more bans for foxes to take.  I've got two writers currently working on Chapter 3, while I hack away at Chapters 1 and 2.

I know this is old but if you still need help let me know.

Yep, it would still be welcome.  Toss me a line at  :)  And, it would help if you did have a copy of the rules.  You can either buy the PDF for $15, or you can request me sending you the printed copy via e-mail.


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