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What Kind of Kitsune Are You? ( Version 2.0 )

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I am a kitsune of gas. Jk. Kitsune of ice

Kind:  Love and friendship.
Element: Time.
Type: Dark.
Famous: Hakuzo.

I'm inspired to make a quiz that tells you your favorite color, based on which color you select as your favorite. :)

Canine Catastrophe:
Alright, someone help me out here. Those links aren't working for me and I can't find serious quizzes for this type of thing. Someone mind helpin' me out here?

Ah. Are the links dead? I'll have to check, and maybe compile a 3.0.

Edit: Well, damn. Quizilla has been taken over by Teen Nick apparently.

Canine Catastrophe:
Think you can help me find some serious quizzes for them? I've tried a few websites like Quotev, but none with enough detail.


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