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What kind of kitsune are yeh?

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Vincent Valantine:
I answered as truthely as I could, and got this one.

You are a brown kitsune! (swift fox)
Element: Earth
Most prevalent emotion: anger
You are the tough swift fox. You love to fight, and don't seem to be afraid of much. You get angry easily, explode with disastrous effects, and return to how you normally act, which freaks some people out. You tend to have only a few close friends, and are constantly standing up for them. You don't try to hard to fit in, but you dislike being a total outcast. Sounds about right although without the female kitsune image oh well.

Meeeh, it doens't excist anymore *sighs*

ya I know I wanted to see what "kind" i'd be as well even if I already know lol.

Your Result

Your a Shadow Kitsune!
Ruler of the darkness, and the most stealthy of all....

Void: You are a kitsune of the Void element. Also known as the Dark kitsune, Void kitsune are the second of the higher elements. Where Celestial kitsune are myobu, void kitsune are nogitsune. You tend to be tricksters, even for the kitsune race. You also tend to be a loner, and most kitsune look down on you. REIKO

You Really are a Dark Kitsune!
You like to take control of all people and drain there energy just to make yourself stronger than everyone else. You would kill to get what you want.
When you get mad, chaos will brake loose.
You are determined to be the best!

Hakuzo. A kitsune that took the form of a Buddhist scolar, and would talk and answer religious dialouges in the temples. He was seen as very wise and very scholarly. When he was discovered to be a kitsune, he vanished. Later he would be seen hanging around outside the temple, preaching the doctrine of Buddha in the dark.

Ice fox? They must be joking. I'm not cold at all.

You are an ice kitsune! (arctic fox)
Element: Ice
Most prevalent emotion: your rapid mood swings
You are the apathetic arctic fox. You don't really worry about something unless is is important to you. However, the slightest change in something can set you down into the darkness of depression, or make you smile and laugh. For the most part, you are indescisive, and a follower. But you are very good at understanding other's emotions, and will sometimes try to help them out. You hate being in large crowds, but have to be close to someone you care about at all times. Your worst fear in the world is being all alone.

Tsssk me? Hardly.


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