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What kind of kitsune are yeh?

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Yea, but I do have a limit, I won't quite take it that far...

Roland Voidheart:
Me? Void, all the way. And maybe a touch of something else...


You're the Kitsune of Fire

Your main traits are passion, bursts of anger, casual-ness, and the desire for popularity. You constantly try to act cool and casual, but you end up slipping up quite a bit. Deep down you're just so passionate that you try not to get so passionate in very many things! It would be way too stressful to be so passionately involved in so many things. As you try to keep a distance from things, you get a bit angry when you can't stay away anymore. Most people probably think this is cute, so don't worry too much. Try not to get completely devoted to everything and you won't have to act so distant anymore.

that me  ^_^

Quizz by CutieStarr Quizz here
SilverSnowKitsune Quizz exist no more

they should ask if you're a boy or a girl for pictures


Mah result...

You're the Kitsune of Darkness

Your main traits are suspicion, lies, secrecy, and illusion. You always see the worst case scenario. You automatically think that people are lying, just because they can. Try asking for more information if you are doubtful. Most likely that will help you trust their motives. Just because you may have been hurt in the past doesn't mean it should ruin you're future.

(This is from the CutieStarr quiz)

To give this 'dig' purpose, I'm linking to another quiz. It's pretty good, and obviously on-topic.


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