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As tumbleweeds pass this forum, it may not seem that it matters whether one is gone for a while or not. Well...whatever. This topic can exist anyways. It is not to explain like "I've been inactive because I lost the bookmark" and such. Basically, if you're going away, you can post it here, if you want. I guess I'll start.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be going with my class on a trip to Hyatsville, MD (that's Maryland for those who don't know). It's some churchy thing, but it is supposed to be fun and all. I'm going, since it will be the last class trip I'd have an opportunity for. We're going to go sightseeing and stuff and we'll be sleeping in people's houses (people from the Hyattsville church...so they're not COMPLETE strangers...to some of us, at least. to me, they ARE complete strangers). So, I most likely will not be able to get on for the next 3 days. If I'm lucky, I might be able to...but if not, then...oh well.

kRPG will be online over the weekend. Just deal with whatever issues you may face like ghost characters and users...

If you want to reach me, my Yahoo! screen name is kitsunehybrid. I am not giving out my cell number.

So, I will see you all...in a few days.

=(. I hope you don't get nun-raped.


--- Quote ---=(. I hope you don't get nun-raped.
--- End quote ---
I won't get nun-raped. Don't worry ^^;;

I am active on these forums when i have the chance Clan work is always busy and Rl work is always busy as well. but seeing as it has been inactive im guessing im not missing much.

It's cool.

Another thing...While I'm out...like, sleeping at the person's house in which I have to sleep at...I plan on staying up to work on Vultopia and kRPG. I dunno how I'm gonna work it. If I am gonna be sleeping in a room or something...Dunno what's going to go on...but things will work out good.


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