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Jun 04 2015, 02:54 PM by Samui
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Finally, after all this time, I finished the first chapter of Kitsuria Chronicles. I would have finished it last month, but I was a complete wreck. I still am struggling, but I'm at least at the point where I can do stuff. Speaking of things I would have finished a month ago (actually make that two), I am still finishing up the fourth chapter of Digital Dimension. Hopefully, I should be done with that within the week soon. (Update 6/19: As I was getting halfway through, I've decided to make some changes. A ...

Apr 27 2015, 07:53 AM by Samui
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Kitsuria will be going down tomorrow, sometime late in the morning (I am estimating around 11am CDT), so I can set up the new server. The outage shouldn't last too long, probably about an hour at most, assuming all goes well.

Update: We're back online, and everything seems to be alright.

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