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Jan 21 2015, 03:38 PM by Samui | Views: 480 | Comments: 0

As always, I've been slow at getting things done. I added more items to Inferno, and will be adding some more soon. I reset all the stats except for victories and defeats, because they would be messed up after removing and revising some equipment. I don't think I'll be removing any more items anytime soon. Bots may be a bit tough right now, I'll have to revise them a bit, or maybe the damage calculation again.

Dec 25 2014, 07:15 AM by Samui | Views: 521 | Comments: 0

Yeah. Happy holidays. Also eleventh anniversary of the site being up 24/7 (barring wifi issues back in 2004). I don't really have much to post today. Maybe just a few updates on some things.

Digital Dimension: Chapter 3. Hopefully I will have that done before the end of this year. I've been slacking so much on it, and so mentally exhausted at the end of a rough day of work. I need to push through all that and prove to myself that I can, in fact, count to 3.

ParaBound: A public demo of the first town should be out soon, depending on the time it takes to write its script, get its graphics in, and fix bugs.

Terraria: Creative mode is implemented, and I'm looking for builders. In the meantime, I'm going to see what I can come up with. Haven't gotten around to much, since this past month and a half have ben rough.

Streams: My sleep schedule sucks. I'm going to get back on track with this soon. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are my free nights, so longer streams can be done then. Other days, few hours in the morning and/or evening, depending on other things. I will try to make this more consistent.

Inferno and Pets: I've recently updated Pets with a new layout, and the return of the battle arena. Still debating on resetting stats. Inferno equipment is slowly being added, and once I get through with that, I will reset all stats there - only because of how the equip system currently works. I will be updating that in the near future as well.

I will be streaming some things during the day, at some point. Continuing my playthrough of Relentless, now that I remember where I left off (and my saves weren't missing after all!). Maybe a couple other games as well. Follow my Twitch channel to be notified when I go live.

Nov 27 2014, 12:22 PM by Samui | Views: 267 | Comments: 0

I have installed a Creative Mode plugin to the Terraria server, which will allow anyone in the Builders group to have unlimited resources to...build things. If anyone wants to try it out and help build our base and arenas, let me know. I'll add you to the group.

Nov 26 2014, 09:34 AM by Samui | Views: 554 | Comments: 0

I have finally made the long overdue updates to Pets and Inferno. Pets has its battle system back (still being rebalanced, but should be fine). Inferno has some changes made to the Itemshop and Equip screens, namely you can equip items while in the shop and the Equip screen has fewer clicks to actually equip something. I will be adding the new items sometime this weekend, once I figure out the flavor text and buffs.

Your pets each get 25XP for every post you make that is not in Spam Arena. I plan on doing something similar for Inferno in the very near future.

On other news, I plan on starting a weekly Cards Against Humanity event (schedule allowing, etc.) on Pretend You're XYZZY. I haven't figured out what time I'd like to do it - sometime in the evening. I'll keep you posted on that on here and on the Steam group.

Nov 06 2014, 06:23 AM by Samui | Views: 1408 | Comments: 0

I've gotten back to work on Pets and Inferno. I haven't had the energy for the past few weeks, but during that time I've been brainstorming and planning things out. I'm not going to give an ETA on anything, but the updates should be ready very soon. I just need to implement XP and Level Points for pets, and just add in the new items for Inferno. When the updates go live, I will be resetting all characters and pets back to level 1, and clearing player inventories on Inferno - as I will be removing some weapons and armor in favor of new ones. I might also nerf the bots by a few points. We'll see how the new equipment goes.

As for Digital Dimension, it's taking me forever to finish chapter 3, for the same reason. I know what I want to do for the next few chapters, it's just a matter of actually sitting down and writing. The weather has improved, so I should be able to think more clearly.

Just so I won't have absolutely nothing to show for this update, I will release a list of some of the new equipment for Inferno. Levels are tentative. I am open to suggestions for flavor text and additional equipment.

L1 Overalls
L5 Fancy Overalls
L9 Midge Robe
L13 Dark Armor

L1 Leather Gloves
L3 Old Claw
L6 Hyper Fist
L10 Heavy Gloves
L15  Aura Gloves
L20 Hard Knuckles

Weapons (adding new ones, reordering the levels)
L1 Wooden Dagger
L4 Dagger
L8 Javelin
L13 Fire Blade
L15 Icebrand Sword
L25 Kami Saber
L30 Tsukikama

(Will remain the same, maybe rearranging levels and buffs)

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