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My attempt at a sprite comic...

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Mystical Ninja:
For anyone that cares, Part 7 is up.

tee hee tis funky reading this

Mystical Ninja:
Part 8 is up, and ready to go!

Mystical Ninja:
Part 9 is up, and ready to go. This is the second-to-last part before I bring this series to a close.

Mystical Ninja:
For anyone that cares, the final part of The Sonic Conspiracy is up!


Knuckles sprites- Made by SEGA/Sonic Team, ripped by Dan Sidney.
Mighty sprites- Dante-Stein
Espio sprites- Bendilin
Charmy Sprites- ZinDinTimeYUM and SonicDemon (based off Dragon Goddess' "Young Shadow" poses)
Vector sprites- Originals made by SEGA, cell-shaded by Mechachu.

Just about all the backgrounds I used came from The Leaf Forest Zone or Fireball20xl.


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