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This is what i use mah tails for XD

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sooo yeah ima artist by nature i guess if thats what youd like to call it and i thought i'd post stuff up every so often to get opinons and comments and crap

heres two and i think theyre both really fawking big files too XD

and dis be mai tat

moar things to post

some randomenss

A friend i did a picture of

and the dragon slayers logo

Miss Kitsune:
:D  I love the art that you do, it is so clean looking.

A KP site Banner

and  Samui's banner for Kitsu Muck

I've come to realize we're gonna need them to be less pixels in width to be friendly to 800px width screens ( my Asus Eee is 800x480 ). Just need a few pixels taken from each side ... 20 should do, making them 745px in width. It's not that big of a deal for the KitsuMUCK banner, since I doubt many Eee users would be browsing the site. :P


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