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Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction

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Mystical Ninja:
Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power

Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction

Part 1

On the previous episode of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Dr. Robotnik once again began putting another of his world domination plans into effect. After learning of the original three Elemental Goddesses and the kinds of powers they possess, the doctor opted to create four of his own, which he has labeled as "EG Experiments". With his latest invention, the "Egg Merger", as well as a sample of Scorch's blood, Robotnik was able to successfully create EG-001, EG-002, EG-003, and EG-004. However, as before, things did not go quite as planned, as half of the doctor's EG Experiments have gone out of his control in some way, shape, or form.

The first of his EG Experiments, EG-001/Squash, the Goddess of Stone, immediately went haywire and turned on the doctor upon being brought to life, stating that she takes no orders from no one, especially those who are weaker than herself. She then decided to come up with world domination plans of her own. The second of Dr. Robotnik's EG Experiments, EG-002/Seedra, the Goddess of Leaves, ended up siding with the Chaotix team, since the doctor mistakenly and unknowingly misplaced the Leaf Element Gem, which Tikal managed to find. EG-003/Shock, the Goddess of Lightning and EG-004/Storm, the Goddess of Wind, on the other hand, were the only ones who did not go out of his control, and remained loyal to Robotnik to the very end (although, the two of them later on stated that they enjoyed working alongside the Chaotix and company, after having to form a temporary alliance with them).

When Squash began setting her plans in motion, she eventually came across the Scepter of Darkness and accidentally released Mephiles the Dark, whom she initially mistook for Shadow the Hedgehog (due to a conflict that she had with him prior to that moment). The two of them then got acquainted, and after realizing that they had something in common, Squash and Mephiles joined forces. Unknown to the Stone Goddess, however, Mephiles merely saw her as a pawn, and was only using her to do his dirtywork for him, secretly making plans to dispose of her once he figured that her usefulness had run its course. During his "alliance" with Squash, Mephiles began devising a plan to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds and free Iblis from his captivity, so that the two of them can merge once again proceed with their ultimate goal to wipe everything out of existence.

After acquiring the knowledge about Iblis getting sealed within the Fire Element Gem, as well as using his time travel powers to his advantage, Mephiles showed Squash the ruined future that was destroyed by Iblis, and told her a lie, saying that Scorch was behind it. Additionally, Mephiles claimed that it was her actions that have led to Squash getting persecuted by humanity for a crime that she never committed. As a result, Squash then took it upon herself to hunt Scorch down in order to change the outcome of her future. However, Shadow (who knew Mephiles all too well), along with Slush, began to spread the word about his plan, which eventually reach the Chaotix and several other heroes.

After Dr. Robotnik was finished repairing the Scepter of Darkness, the Chaotix and the rest of the heroes (including Shock and Storm) ventured through the Sandopolis Zone and its pyramid (which Squash and Mephiles were using as their "base of operations") to put a stop to the villain's plans once and for all. When they got to their destination, everyone took the opportunity to inform Squash that Mephiles had been manipulating her all along. Initially, the Stone Goddess wasn't convinced, but after taking her back in time to learn of Mephiles' true motives and origin, she was finally convinced and lured to the heroes' side. From there, they all fought a fierce battle against Mephiles, and eventually emerged victorious, ultimately foiling his plans once again; this time, before he had the chance to put them into effect. Well, not entirely. As it turns out, Squash accidentally and unknowingly released Iblis during her battle with Scorch, so the two of them (along with Slush, Shock, and Storm) joined forces to take down the monster, and effectively had him sealed within the Fire Element Gem once more.

During the Elemental Goddesses' battle against Iblis, Knuckles, the Chaotix, and company were busy fighting against Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Nega's new machine, the "Egg Galaxia", while Metal Sonic and several others were busy fighting against Metal Sonic 3.0's "Overlord" transformation. Towards the end of the battle, it was revealed that Dr. Nega had planned on betraying Robotnik all along, but unfortunately for him, Robotnik managed to turn the tables on him by disabling his escape pod, which prevented him from escaping as the Egg Galaxia was destroyed. Thanks to the combined efforts of all the heroes, Dr. Nega was defeated, and the Sol Emeralds, which he stole from Blaze the Cat, were retrieved.

Miraculously, Dr. Nega survived the explosion, but unfortunately for him, he was unable to breathe in space. He then began to plead for help, claiming that he'll change his wicked ways if they do. Although they weren't convinced, they reluctantly helped him anyway under one condition: That he would return to the mental asylum that he escaped from. After they decided to help him, Dr. Nega quickly turned on them, and attempted to use his camera to turn the heroes into cards. Luckily for the heroes, he forgot to change the film cartridge, and as a result, he was powerless to defend himself, so he had no choice but to run. Thanks to Silver's telekinetic powers, as well as Seedra's control over vines and plants, they were able to prevent the deranged doctor from escaping, and he was once again brought back to the mental asylum. To celebrate their hard-earned victory over the villains, everyone decided to go to the beach.

Elsewhere, Metal Sonic emerged victorious over his doppelganger, and opted to spare his life. According to himself, that victory did not satisfy him enough (since other people "interfered" with the battle), and that he wanted a rematch, where he could fight Metal Sonic 3.0 at full strength. He then took him to Dr. Robotnik's base in the Mystic Ruins, so that he could be repaired. Along with Metal Sonic 3.0's repairs, the doctor was already working on another project; a fifth EG Experiment, which he has codenamed "EG-005". According to himself, this new creation will have the powers of all seven Elemental Goddesses wrapped up in one, with additional power from the Chaos Rings to make her invincible. When Slush found out about this, she feared that EG-005 would be too powerful for Robotnik to control (since he was also unable to control EG-001/Squash). Just as she was about to destroy the blueprints, Robotnik (who has finally caught on to the fact that Slush has been the one spying on him all this time) has caught her in the act.

Will EG-005 truly prove to be as big of a threat as Slush fears she might become? Will she ever be able to inform the Chaotix about Robotnik's new, deadly creation? Additionally, now that her secret has been found out, what horrible fate does Dr. Robotnik have in store for the Ice Goddess? Find out in this exciting episode of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power!

Slush: Dr. Robotnik… When did you-…!? That Metal Sonic copy told me that you were out, running an errand!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… It was all part of the plan! After finally coming to the conclusion that you're the one who's been spying on me all this time, I wanted catch you in the act with my own two eyes. So, I had Metal Sonic 3.0 fool you into thinking that I wasn't here in order to get your to let your guard down. That way, I would be easily sneak up on you, unnoticed. And needless to say at this point, it succeeded!

Slush: Ugh, damn it! I should've known that trusting him was a bad idea! Especially while taking into consideration who built him…

Robotnik: Hmph, as if you're one to talk! You've been consorting with those Chaotix fools from the very beginning! To add insult to injury, you posed as my ally, only as a means of spying on me and leaking information behind my back! THAT'S why they always had such proficient knowledge of my plans before I had the chance to properly initiate them! AUGH! You sniveling TRAITOR! How DARE you!? I just don't get it! I've been BEYOND generous to you! In addition to treating you with more respect than I've shown to some of my own minions, I saved both yours AND your sister's life by freeing you from many years of captivity, and THIS is how you repay me!?

Slush: …

(You know, once he puts it that way, I do kind of feel bad about this now…)

Robotnik: Well!? What do you have to say for yourself!?

Slush: …

This "EG-005"... Are you sure that this project is a good idea? I mean, how do you know for sure that she won't turn on you, or anything? If you weren't able to control Squash, then exactly how do you expect to be able to control someone like EG-005, who happens to have power that far beyond hers? If EG-005 winds up going ballistic, there's no telling what she'll do! She may very well become the next Mephiles and try to destroy this planet! If that happens, then you could kiss your precious "Robotnik Empire" goodbye!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I must admit you DO bring up a rather compelling argument, but I could assure you, I've got everything under control!

Slush: Yeah, that's exactly what Dr. Nega said last month, when he was reviving the Solaris Project, and we all know that HOW turned out!

Robotnik: I've learned from my previous mistakes... I've taken the necessary precautions to make sure that EG-005 doesn't rebel against me like Squash did. Also, while we're on the subject, my dear Slush… I'm currently in need of a blood sample to get this project going. Would you care to take a guess as to whose I'm going to use this time? *Evil grin*

Slush: Y-You… You wouldn't happen to mean me, would you…?

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA! You guessed it! I could easily get another one from Scorch, but I wouldn't want to take TOO much of her blood. Instead, I'll just use YOURS this time! *Takes out an injector needle and starts moving toward her*

Slush: …! *Starts backing away*

Seized with fear, the Ice Goddess continued to back away from Robotnik, until she eventually ran out of space.

Slush: *Sweats nervously*

Robotnik: HAHAHA! It's no use, give up!

Hmm? Oh ho!

Slush: Huh? W-What's the matter?

Robotnik: Goodness, you have a rather ample bosom…

Slush: …

Why, you… PERVERT!

Angered by Robotnik's remark, Slush raised her hand and abruptly slapped him across the face, causing the doctor to fall over and drop his injector needle. Seeing the opportunity, Slush took advantage of the situation and decided to flee the room and make her escape.

Slush: *Running through the base at high speed* Whew, that was a close call! Unfortunately, I was in so much of a hurry that I forgot to grab those blueprints! Ah, well… As long as Robotnik can't get a sample of my blood, there's no way he'll be able to complete EG-005! So, all I need to worry about now is getting out of this place!

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Leaving so soon, are you?

Slush: *Looks back* Oh, great… It's Robotnik!

Robotnik: *Has a red slapmark/handprint on the side of his face* You're not going ANYWHERE, traitor!

Slush: *Speeds up*

Robotnik: *Does the same*

*The chase goes on for some time*

Slush:  Ieeee! How is it that he's able to RUN so fast!?

Robotnik: HAHAHA! I've said it before, and I'll say it again: It's no use, give up!

Slush: I've got an idea!

Unable to shake Robotnik by outrunning him, Slush decided to use her ice powers to freeze the floor behind her, causing the egg-shaped doctor to slip and fall.

Robotnik: AUUUUGH! No way! I can't BELIEVE this! *Takes out a communication device and speaks through the intercom* Attention, all Badniks! Slush is getting away, I repeat, Slush is getting away! Whatever it takes, stop her at all costs!

After hearing that announcement, tons of Badniks and Egg Pawns got in Slush's way, attempting to prevent her escape. However, she was able to quickly dismiss the group by using her ice powers to freeze them, and then break into pieces. This pattern continued for a while, and just when she thought it was safe to make her getaway, she was suddenly interrupted by Metal Sonic Version 3.0.

Slush: So, it's YOU again…

Metal Sonic 3.0: You have done well to get this far, Slush, the Goddess of Ice. However, though, I'm afraid this is the end of the line for you.

Slush: Alright, let's make this quick! *Holds out the palm of her hand*

Just as Slush was getting ready to freeze Metal Sonic 3.0 as she had done to all the other Badniks, he quickly immobilized her via telekinesis before she had the chance to do so.

Slush: Ghhh…! W-What's…going on!? I…can't…budge! *Tries to resist*

Metal Sonic 3.0: Resistance is futile. No matter how hard you struggle, you cannot release yourself from my telekinetic grasp.

Slush: W-Why, you…!

Robotnik: *Enters the room* HAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent work, Metal Sonic 3.0! Now, you continue to hold her down, while I get the blood sample that I need!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Nods*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's quite ironic, isn't it? After ALL the work you've done in trying to prevent EG-005's creation, you're going to be the very person responsible for bringing her to life!

Slush: GRRR…

Robotnik: Now then… Let's get down to business, shall we? *Starts walking towards Slush with the injector needle*

Slush: N-No! You stay back!

Robotnik: *Ignores her and keeps moving*

Slush: I SAID STAY BACK!!! *Creates a blizzard*

Robotnik: WHA-…!? *Resists as he gets blown back by the current*

Slush: As for YOU… *Glares at Three-Point Zero* You can't keep this up forever, you know! You stole that ability from Silver, and from what I've seen, that technique could only be used for a limited time, until its user starts to tire out!

Metal Sonic 3.0: That may be true for organic beings such as he, but that isn't the case with me! I could keep this up for as long as I wish!

Slush: (Well, so much for THAT theory…)

As Robotnik continued to resist the wind current from the blizzard that Slush created, he eventually managed to get close enough to get a good stab on her arm.

Slush: UHHHH!

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Releases her*

Slush: *Kneels down, holding her arm*

Robotnik: You see? That wasn't so bad now, was it?

Slush: Hmph! Bite me, Robotnik!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA… Well, that's that, I suppose! Now that I've obtained the blood sample that I desire, I no longer have any need for you.

Slush: Are you saying that you're…letting me go?

Robotnik: What, so you leak information about EG-005 to those Chaotix fools like you've been doing for the past month? Of course not! I'm going to do something I should have done a LONG time ago…

Slush: Wait, what are you…trying to imply…?

Robotnik: *Takes out Dr. Nega's camera*

Slush: N-NO! NOT THAT! *Gets up, starts backing away, and gets ready to run off*

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Stops her again with telekinesis*

Slush: LET GO OF ME! *Jerks away*

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHA! It's been nice knowing you! *Aims the camera at her* Goodbye, Slush! *Presses the button*


Just then, a sudden flash of light occurred, and immediately, in just a single click of a button, Slush wound up getting herself turned into a card.

Robotnik: HAHAHAHA…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *Picks up her card* It's lights out for you, traitor! You've stabbed me in the back for the last time!

Metal Sonic 3.0: …May I ask what the point is in speaking to her, if she's unable to hear you?

Robotnik: It doesn't matter. All that counts, is that the spy has been sniffed out and taken care of. HAHAHAHAHA… You just don't know HOW relieved I am about this! Now that she's out of the picture, I'm free to proceed with my plans without the Chaotix or Sonic and the rest of HIS allies catching wind of it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm already ANOTHER step closer to finally realizing my ambitions! When Project EG-005 is complete, all of my enemies will be vanquished, and then I'll finally be able to build the Robotnik Empire and rule this world without any trouble!

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Robotnik: By the way, Metal Sonic 3.0… I need you to do me another favor…

Metal Sonic 3.0: What is it?

Robotnik: When Scorch, Shock, and Storm arrive, I need you to refrain from saying even a single word about this incident. As far as we're concerned, everything that's gone on up until now… It never happened. Got it?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Understood.

Robotnik: Good, good. I'm glad we're on the same page.

One week later, without anyone to interrupt him, Dr. Robotnik was nearly finished creating EG-005. On the table, laid a female hedgehog that looked nearly identical to the seven other Goddesses, but with slight differences in her appearance, such as shiny, silver-colored fur, along with a red and silver dress (which had diamond shapes like the ones her sisters wear), a golden tiara with a colorful gem, golden ring bracelets, sandals.

Scorch: So, this is her, right, Dr. Robotnik?

Robotnik: Yes, indeed.

Shock: Nice. It looks as if things are coming along smoothly so far.

Storm: So, exactly how much longer until her development phase is complete?

Robotnik: It shouldn't take much longer. I've already used the Egg Merger to infuse EG-005's gem with samples of all seven elements, now as soon as Metal Sonic Version 3.0 arrives with the Chaos Rings, I'll merge those together with the Multi-Elemental Gem, and then bring her to life! With the power of the Chaos Rings, EG-005 will truly be unstoppable! Even the White Echidna Project will pale in comparison to the power she'll possess!

Shock: "White Echidna Project"? Wait, you wouldn't happen to mean that white echidna that looks like Knuckles, right? I had no idea he was a creation of yours, or even a science experiment for that matter! But then again, I guess it WOULD explain the red eyes…

Robotnik: Yes, Wechnia is a creation of mine. A faulty, rebellious creation, that is, similar to Squash. A while ago, I created him by infusing Knuckles' and Mighty's DNA with the power of the Master Emerald.

Shock: Ah, okay.

Ten minutes later…

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Enters* Dr. Robotnik, I have successfully retrieved the seven Chaos Rings!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHA… Excellent work as always, Metal Sonic 3.0! I've always known you would be of use to me, ever since the day Scorch brought you to this base while you were in need of repairs! Now, if you would be so kind as to place them within the Egg Merger's slot, I could begin the experiment.

Metal Sonic 3.0: *Nods, walks toward the Egg Merger, and places the Chaos Rings*

Robotnik: As for me, I'll go ahead and place the Multi-Element Gem into the other one… *Places it* HAHAHAHAHA! Alright, everyone! Now it's time for the moment of truth! *Activates the machine*

After placing the seven Chaos Rings and the Multi-Elemental Gem into the Egg Merger's slots, Robotnik activated the machine in order for the fusion process to begin. Unfortunately, much to the doctor's disappointment, the machine appeared to be malfunctioning.

Robotnik: H-Huh!? What the…!? What's going on!?

Scorch: Is it…my imagination, or is this thing about to blow!?

Shock: Well, I'm not sticking around to find out, that's for sure!

Robotnik: Perhaps you have the right idea, Shock. Let's get out of here while we still can!

Storm: Right.

Before the five of them were able to make it to the exit, the Egg Merger spontaneously burst, with the seven Chaos Rings and the Multi-Elemental Gem getting sent flying all over the place. Before the gem could get any further, Scorch quickly hovered into the air and caught it. The Chaos Rings, on the other hand, ended up getting scattered.


Storm: Well, isn't THAT perfect?

Shock: All of that work for nothing, huh? What a shame…

Scorch: Well, on the bright side, I was at least able to recover that Multi-Element Gem. See? *Holds it up*

Robotnik: Ah, I see! Excellent work, Scorch!

W-Wait a minute… Its coloring! What happened to it!? It looks exactly as it did at first, before I transferred the powers of those seven elements into it! What could have happened to it, exactly!?

Metal Sonic 3.0: Perhaps during the merging process, the power of the Multi-Element Gem was transferred into the Chaos Rings?

Robotnik: You know, that actually sounds quite logical. After all, the number of elemental powers is akin to the number of Chaos Rings, so perhaps each of the seven elements ended up combining its powers with one of the Chaos Rings, making them the "Elemental Chaos Rings"!

Scorch: Ah, I see! I guess that wasn't a total loss, after all! It's too bad they got scattered everywhere, though.

Robotnik: I guess this means we're going to have to retrieve them, but no matter. With my built-in radar device, we should be able to find them again in no time! When we do, that's when we'll finally be able to bring EG-005 to life!

Storm: I've been thinking, Doctor…

Robotnik: Hmm?

Storm: When EG-005 is brought to life, what are you going to name her, exactly?

Robotnik: I haven't thought of one yet, but I will eventually, when the time comes.

Scorch: There's something I've been wondering, as well. Where has Slush been, exactly? I don't believe I've seen her at all for the past week…

Metal Sonic 3.0: …

Robotnik: …

You know, that's a good question… I'm quite puzzled about this, myself, but wherever she is, I'm sure she's fine. Let's not worry about her right now, let's go ahead and focus on getting those Elemental Chaos Rings! *Places the colorless gem back in EG-005's tiara*

Scorch: Sure thing, Dr. Robotnik.

Wasting no more time, the five of them immediately left the base and began tracking down the seven Elemental Chaos Rings. Elsewhere on Angel Island, Knuckles and Wechnia, who were standing around the Master Emerald at the altar, happened to spot one of the scattered rings flying through the air.

Knuckles: Whoa! Wechnia, did you see that?

Wechnia: Yes. That was one of the Chaos Rings, if I'm not mistaken.

Knuckles: Yeah, but there was something…different about it all of a sudden. It has this strange fiery aura around it.

Wechnia: I've noticed. Why don't we go check it out, so we could examine them further?

Knuckles: Good idea, but before we go, why don't we go ahead and turn on the security system, just in case someone may try stealing the Master Emerald while we're away.

Wechnia: That "someone" being Nack the Weasel and Bean the Dynamite, right?

Knuckles: Yeah, that's if the two of them haven't gotten arrested after what happened last week. *Presses the "On" button* It looked as if that fiery Chaos Ring was heading towards the volcano.

Wechnia: Got it. Alright, let's get moving.

After enabling the new security system that Heavy and Bomb installed for the Master Emerald, Knuckles and Wechnia took off and start heading towards Lava Reef/Red Mountain in order to obtain and examine the fiery Chaos Ring. With that said, the hunt is on! Which side will emerge victorious in collecting the Elemental Chaos Rings, the heroes or the villains? Will the word about Slush's capture ever get out somehow? Find out on the next exciting chapter of Elements of Power!

To "bee" continued…

Mystical Ninja:
Part 2

Last time, on The Goddess of Destruction, Dr. Robotnik had finally come to the conclusion that Slush has been the one leaking information to the Chaotix team behind his back for the past month. In order to ensure that the word about his latest project, "EG-005" doesn't get out, he has opted to capture the Ice Goddess, but not before getting a blood sample from her, which he needed in order to bring his creation to life. Slush tried as hard as she could to resist, but thanks to the assistance of the newly-repaired Metal Sonic Version 3.0 and the data that he copied from Silver the Hedgehog, he was able to hold her down with a telekinetic force, making it easier for Robotnik to stab her with the injector needle.

After getting the blood sample that he desired, Robotnik decided that he no longer had any need for her. Again, to make sure that information about EG-005 doesn't get leaked, the doctor decided to turn Slush into a card, effectively punishing the Ice Goddess for her treachery. One week later, Robotnik had made lots of progress, and was on the verge of completing EG-005's development. Using his machine, the Egg Merger, he tried infusing the energy of the Chaos Rings with the Multi-Elemental Gem that he created. Suddenly, the machine started to malfunction, but before then, it managed to complete the fusion process; just not in the way the doctor intended. Instead, each of the seven elements ended up getting infused within one of the seven Chaos Rings, which resulted in the creation of the "Elemental Chaos Rings".

As the machine exploded, the seven Elemental Chaos Rings ended up getting scattered everywhere, all throughout Angel Island. Seeing no other alternative, Dr. Robotnik, along with Metal Sonic 3.0, Scorch, Shock, and Storm have decided to leave the base and began searching for the Elemental Chaos Rings. Meanwhile, Knuckles the Echidna and Wechnia, who were guarding the Master Emerald at the altar, happened to spot one of them floating around, heading towards Lava Reef/Red Mountain. After activating the new security system that the robo-mechanics, Heavy and Bomb installed for the Master Emerald, the two echidnas decided to head towards the volcano to collect the newly-infused Chaos Ring in order to examine it. Little did they know, however, that Robotnik and his group were also seeking them.

Now that the hunt has begun, who will claim the fire-themed Chaos Ring first? Knuckles and Wechnia, or Robotnik and the others? Additionally, will the word ever get out about Slush's capture? If so, will Knuckles and company be able to successfully rescue her and prevent EG-005's creation? Find out on this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Meanwhile, at the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency…

Espio: *Sitting in a corner, in deep meditation* …

Charmy: *Watching Dragon Ball Z on TV* Hee hee hee, it's about to happen, Vector!

Vector: Heh heh! Yeah, I know!

*On the show, a news crew gets blasted and killed in a helicopter explosion, and one of the characters exclaims "Look! I can see their parachutes! They're okay…"*



Vector: Oh, wow! Gimme a break! Are they freakin' SERIOUS? How stupid do they think people are? Those people CLEARLY weren't wearin' parachutes before the thing blew up! 'N' even if they were, there's no WAY they'd have been able to escape that in time!

Charmy: Yeah, I know!

Splash: So, this is where you got the "parachutes" thing from, huh, Charmy?

Charmy: Hee hee, yep! That part is really, REALLY funny!

Splash: Personally, I didn't see what was so funny about it. It's already bad enough that those innocent lives were taken, but then they just totally insult the viewers' intelligence by claiming that they got away okay, even though they clearly didn't.

Vector: Ah, lighten up, will ya, Splash? It's just a TV show, it's nutin' ta take seriously. 'N' besides, people 're always gettin' wished back ta life left 'n' right that series! Also, it's only 'da censorship we were laughin' at, not the peoples' deaths. We wouldn't laugh at somethin' like that.

Splash: I see.

*Suddenly a beeping sound is heard*

Vector: Ah, 'dat must be Slush! I'll bet she's reportin' anotha discovery about Robotnik's plans!

Charmy: Hee hee, "that must bee Slush". Get it? *Snickers*

Splash: *Giggles* The "parachutes" scene might not have been funny, but that certainly was!

Vector: *Picks up the walkie-talkie and answers it* Yeah? Is that you, Slush?

Slush: Yes, it's… *Czzzzt!*…Me… *Czzzzt!* I have… *Czzzzt!* …Something important to tell you, and… *Czzzzt!* I don't know how much… *Czzzzt!* …Longer the… *Czzzzt!* …Signal will be able to hold out, so listen… *Czzzzt!* …Carefully!

Vector: A'ight, I'm listenin'. What is it?

Slush: I've... I've been captured, and… *Czzzzt!* …Turned into a card… *Czzzzt!* …By Dr. Nega's camera!

Everyone: WHAT!?

Espio: *Quickly opens his eyes* …!

Splash: You've been turned into a card!? How can that be!? I thought for sure that Dr. Nega was taken back to that mental institution!

Slush: It wasn't Dr. Nega… *Czzzzzt!* …It was Robotnik… HE did it! He found out… *Czzzzt!* …About my secret, somehow! He knows… *Czzzzzt!* …That I'M the one who's been spying on him!

Vector: Oh, great… Now that's just PERFECT! I knew 'dere was only a matter o' time until 'e found out, but I didn't know he'd catch on 'DAT soon!

Charmy: Wait a second… If you got turned into a card, then how is it that you're able to talk to us?

Slush: Well, as it turns out… *Czzzzt!* ...There's another dimension that lies behind… *Czzzzt!* …The cards from Dr. Nega's camera! I've been in here… *Czzzzt!* …For at least a week now after discovering the new project… *Czzzzt!* …That Robotnik's working on. He was determined… *Czzzzt!* …To make sure that I wouldn't… *Czzzzt!* …Be around to tell about it. I would have… *Czzzzt!* …Let you know about this sooner, but… *Czzzzzt!* …I ended up losing consciousness, and I'm only… *Czzzzt!* …Just waking up.

Splash: GRRR… Robotnik! He won't get away with this! Don't worry, Slush, we'll save you as soon as possible!

Slush: Thanks, but before rescuing me, I think… *Czzzzt!* …You should focus on stopping Robotnik from… *Czzzzt!* …Completing the project he's working on.

Espio: Just out of curiosity, what kind of "project" is he working on, exactly?

Slush: He's working on a… *Czzzzt!* …Fifth EG Experiment. *Czzzzt!* He has codenamed it… *Czzzzt!* "EG-005".

Charmy: "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five"?

Slush: Yes. He says that it's… *Czzzzt!* …Meant to be his most powerful creation yet, as it will contain… *Czzzzt!* The combined powers of all seven Elemental Goddesses, plus… *Czzzzt!* …Energy from all seven Chaos Rings!

Vector: Holy crap! This ain't good…

Slush: Indeed it isn't. If Robotnik… *Czzzzt!* …Manages to complete this project, I it'll be too powerful for him to control! If he… *Czzzzt!* …Couldn't control Squash, then it's definitely safe to assume… *Czzzzt!* …That he won't be able to keep EG-005 under his control, either! She may very well… *Czzzzt!* …Become the next Mephiles!

Vector: We'll definitely be sure ta put a stop to all this! 'Da absolute LAST thing we need is anotha psychopath like Mephiles runnin' rampant!

Charmy: That reminds me… Did you guys ever find out where Shadow put that scepter thing after Squash sealed him up again?

Espio: I heard from Rouge that Shadow tossed the Scepter of Darkness into the Ifrit's dimension, and sealed it with the seven Chaos Emeralds. So thankfully, we'll never have to worry about him showing his face again.

Slush: That's… *Czzzzt!* …Good to hear. Now back to the subject at hand… *Czzzzt!* I overheard everything… *Czzzzt!* …That's been going on, recently. Apparently, Robotnik's almost finished with the project, and he would have been already, if it weren't… *Czzzzt!* …For a certain mishap that took place during an experiment, where he tried… *Czzzzt!* …Infusing the Chaos Rings with the power of the Multi-Element Gem that he created. The energy from that gem… *Czzzzt!* …Ended up getting transferred into the Chaos Rings, so now they're called "Elemental Chaos Rings".

Charmy: Wow, really!? That is SO cool!

Slush: After Robotnik's machine exploded… *Czzzzt!* …The Elemental Chaos Rings scattered throughout various places on Angel Island. Robotnik, along with Metal Sonic 3.0, Scorch, Shock, and Storm… *Czzzzt!* …Are currently searching high and low for them. You need to… *Czzzzt!* …Find the rings before they do!

Vector: Sure, no problem! Just leave it ta us! C'mon, boys… 'n Splash! Let's get ta work!

After Slush informed them about the situation, the Chaotix team and Splash quickly hurried out the door to begin their quest for the seven Elemental Chaos Rings.

Charmy: Where should we look first, Vector?

Vector: I dunno. That's why we're gonna head ovah to Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins 'n borrow 'is detector. That way, we'll be able to find all them Chaos Rings wit' no problem!

Charmy: …

Hee hee, "bee able". Get it? *Snickers*

*Everyone (except for Splash) anime falls*

Vector: Good grief, Charmy! Give those puns a rest for once, will ya!? They've stopped bein' funny AGES ago!

Splash: I disagree. *Giggles*

Espio: Even so, this isn't the time for joking around. We have a mission to fulfill.

Charmy: Alright, alright. So, anyway, you said we were going to Tails' Workshop, right?

Vector: Yeah.

*They go to Tails' Workshop in the Mystic Ruins and explain the situation*

Tails: W-WHAT!? Slush has been captured, and Robotnik's working on another EG Experiment!? And in order for him to complete the project, he's seeking these "Elemental Chaos Rings" that have been scattered all over the island?

Espio: Yes, that's right.

Heavy: I'm afraid this doesn't bode well at all… The power that Robotnik is currently seeking to complete this "EG-005"… It may even be enough to give the White Echidna Project a run for its money!

Bomb: Yeah, that's for sure. Do you know whether or not Robotnik has gotten ahold of one yet?

Vector: We don't know fa sure. All Slush told us, was that he, Scorch, Shock, Storm, and Metal Sonic 3.0 are "searchin' high and low" for 'em, so I guess it's safe ta assume that they haven't yet.

Tails: Wait a minute… Metal Sonic 3.0 is still alive? Since when did he start working for Robotnik, rather than Dr. Nega?

Vector: We're not sure of all 'da details, but my guess is 'dat 'e survived his battle wit' Metal Sonic last week, and then Robotnik ended up findin' him, and then gettin' 'im repaired 'n' reprogrammed, or somethin'.

Tails Makes sense I guess. Anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and lend you that detector now. *Takes the detector off the shelf and hands it to Vector*

Vector: Thank ya very much.

Tails: No problem. Whenever the thing runs out of energy, just drop on by again, and I'll recharge it.

Vector: I'll keep 'dat in mind. A'ight, now let's get movin', you guys!

With Tails' emerald detector in hand, the four heroes quickly jetted out of the workshop to begin tracking down the first Elemental Chaos Ring before Robotnik does.

Charmy: Hey, Vector, what does the scouter, I mean…detector say about the first Elemental Chaos Ring?

Vector: *Checks* Accordin' to the readings, the first one landed at the volcano somewhere. Why don't we have a look ovah there?

Splash: I don't see why not.

*They leave*

As the four of them were leaving, they were unknowingly being watched by the two crooks, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite, who were currently hiding in the bushes (since they're on the run from the police, who happened to be in the area at the time).

Nack: *Pokes his head out of the bushes* HAHAHA! Did 'ja hear 'dat, Bean!? I think we've just found ourselves anuddah opportunity ta make ourselves filthy, stinkin' rich!

Bean: Yeah, I heard. They said something about "Elemental Chaos Rings"… Whatever they are, they sound pretty interesting. It definitely sounds like something the jewelry market would pay tons of cash for!

Nack: Yep! As usual, bruddah, you 'r' definitely speakin' my language! Now, whadda ya say we follow 'em, 'n' have 'em lead us to 'dem Element Rings, 'r wudevah they're called? It'll definitely save us 'da trouble o' trackin' all of 'em down ourselves! All we'll hafta do when 'da time comes, is take it from 'em! When 'dat's all said 'n' done, 'da two o' us 'r' gonna be swimmin' in a truckload o' cash! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


As the two of them laughed maniacally, their location ended up getting revealed, and a searchlight from a police helicopter shone down on them. Shortly afterwards, all of the police that were in the area rushed over to the bush, pointing guns at the two criminals.

Policeman #1: *Through the speaker* Fang the Sniper, Bean the Dynamite! We have you two surrounded! Surrender yourselves! There's no escape!

Nack: Ah, crap! AH, CRAAAAAAAP! Looks like dey've spotted us! C'mon, Bean! We gotta bus' outta 'dis joint!

Bean: Right, but first… *Takes out a bomb and lights the fuse* I'm gonna give them a little taste of Dynamite Power!

After lighting the bomb's fuse, Bean abruptly slammed it on the floor, causing smoke to pour out. Taking advantage of the police's clouded vision, Nack and Bean decided to make their escape. While they were on the run, they spotted an unoccupied police car. Due to the fact that they had no other means of transportation (since Honey destroyed the Marvelous Queen in the second episode), the two of them decided to steal the car and drive off.

Nack: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Man, 'dat was too easy! Like takin' candy from a baby!

Bean: Don't look now, but we've still got those police choppers on our tail!

Nack: Ah, don't even worry abou' dit! I've goddit ALL unda control! Here, you take 'da wheel for a li'l bit.

*They switch sides*

Nack: *Aims his gun out the window* EAT LEAD, CHUMPS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Starts firing at the helicopters*

*Both Nack and the cops continue firing back and forth at one another all throughout the chase*

Nack: AH, CRAAAAAAP! Man, 'dere's just no shakin' 'dese guys!

Bean: Why don't we switch sides again? I'll take it from here.

*They switch again*

Bean: *Lights another bomb and hangs it out the window* This time, they're gonna learn the true meaning of the words "Dynamite Power" for sure!

Once again, after lighting the fuse, Bean tossed the bomb into the air, at the police choppers. This time, however, it wasn't a smoke bomb. It was one of his regular bombs, and as it detonated and got one helicopter caught in it, the explosion began to spread to all the others, as well.


Bean: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, yeah! I don't think they'll be bothering us for a while after that!

Nack: A'ight, now 'dat we ain't got no more interruptions 'n' what-not, let's go ahead 'n' start lookin' fa 'dem Element Rings, or wudevah they're called.

Bean: Right.

*They drive off*

Meanwhile, at the volcano…

Wechnia: There it is, Knuckles! The fiery Chaos Ring!

Knuckles: You're right! *Walks over to the Fire Element Ring*

Wechnia: If I were you, I'd do that with caution. That thing looks as if it's a little too hot to touch with our bare hands.

Knuckles: Good point. Alright, here goes… *Slowly reaches for it*

Before Knuckles had a chance to pick it up, a fireball was suddenly shot in their direction.

Wechnia: Knuckles! Look out! *Dodges*

Knuckles: WHOA! *Narrowly manages to dodge* Okay, who's there!? Go ahead and show yourself!

???: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, if it isn't my dear friend, Knuckles and that traitor, Wechnia!

Knuckles: *Looks* Robotnik!? Scorch, too!?

Wechnia: What are you two doing here?

Robotnik: Isn't it obvious? We're here for the Elemental Chaos Ring, of course!

Wechnia: "Elemental…"

Knuckles: "…Chaos Ring"?

Robotnik: That's correct. Thank you very much, gentlemen, for being so kind as to track it down for us! It certainly saved us the trouble of looking! In addition to tracking its location on radar, all we had to do was follow your lead. So, basically, what I'm trying to say is that you practically led us right TO it!

Scorch: Now, you boys had best play it smart by simply handing it over.

Knuckles: Not a chance!

Wechnia: Yes, I mean, honestly. Why even bother saying things like that, if you don't actually expect us to do it?

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHA… Well, fine. Have it your way. To be honest, I was hoping you would say something like that, Knuckles, because I've been looking forward to a rematch for a long time. Hopefully this time, there won't be anymore interruptions. This time, I'll defeat you for sure!

Knuckles: We'll see about that. *Cracks his knuckles*

It looks like things are heating up…literally! Although Knuckles and Wechnia have managed to track down the first Elemental Chaos Ring, Dr. Robotnik and Scorch have made an unexpected appearance, and have challenged the two echidnas to a fiery showdown! Which side will emerge victorious and walk away with the Fire Ring; Knuckles and Wechnia and Scorch and Robotnik? Find out on the next exciting chapter of The Goddess of Destruction!

To "bee" continued…

Mystical Ninja:
Part 3

When we last left off, the Chaotix Detective Agency (along with the Water Goddess, Splash, who happened to be with them at the time) got a call from Slush, who was apparently trapped in another dimension, which lied behind the card she was "turned into" by Dr. Nega's camera. From there, the Ice Goddess relayed a message to the group, saying that she had been captured, and informed them about Dr. Robotnik's master plan, which was to retrieve the seven Elemental Chaos Rings that he mistakenly created, so that he could use their powers to bring his deadly creation, EG-005 to life. Wasting no more time, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Vector the Crocodile, and Splash hurried over to Tails' Workshop to borrow his detector, so that they could track down the seven rings before Robotnik does, and rescue Slush.

Unknown to them, their conversation was overheard by the two criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite, who've decided to join the hunt and claim the Elemental Chaos Rings themselves, so they could sell them for a price. Elsewhere, Knuckles and Wechnia, who were guarding the Master Emerald at the altar, happened to spot one of the Elemental Chaos Rings heading towards the volcano. Although they were unaware of what was happening at the time, they were merely curious about the Chaos Rings' newfound elemental powers, and decided to venture through the volcano to examine it further. Shortly after they found it, Scorch and Robotnik showed up to claim the trinket for themselves. Scorch told the two echidnas to "play it smart" by quietly handing the Chaos Ring to them, but Knuckles and Wechnia, knowing that Robotnik was up to no good, were unwilling to give it up without a fight. Which side will claim the Fire Element Ring and walk away the victor: Knuckles and Wechnia or Scorch and Robotnik? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Scorch: It's been too long since our last fight, wouldn't you say, Knuckles?

Knuckles: It hasn't been that long. It was only last month, you know. Or perhaps you're getting a little forgetful in your old age? *Smirks*


Robotnik: Now, now, Scorch, just calm down...

Scorch: *Ignores Robotnik* GRRR… I'll have you know that I look EXTRAORDINARILY good for someone my age! Yes, I may be nine thousand years old, but so what!? I haven't aged one BIT since then! I'm still as young and pretty as I was before, and that's never going to change! Someone like YOU wouldn't know true beauty if it bit straight in the-

Robotnik: ENOUGH! Just calm down! Do you want to cause another volcanic eruption like you did last month!? If that happens, then we'll be forced to retreat again, and your battle will never reach a true conclusion! It's either that, or we'll all get caught in the lava, and you'll kill us all! Is THAT what you want!? It may not have any effect on you, for obvious reasons, but have you taken Iblis into consideration? He's still trapped within the Fire Element Gem, you know! I don't think I even NEED to remind you what'll happen if the gem comes in contact with the magma!

Scorch: …

*Sighs* I guess you have a point, Doctor. I'll do my best to remain calm.

Robotnik: There, that's better.

Wechnia: I'd hate to admit it, Knuckles, but Robotnik's right. Being the Goddess of Fire, her rage could very well cause this volcano to erupt. So, I don't think it would be wise to provoke her with anymore insults regarding her age.

Knuckles: Alright, point taken.

Scorch: Okay. Let's get this over with.

Robotnik: Hold on a second! Before you begin… Scorch, would you mind letting me hold on to the Fire Element Gem, just in case you fall into the lava? We don't want to risk having Iblis set free again.

Scorch: Sure thing, Dr. Robotnik. *Takes it off of her tiara and tosses it to him*

Robotnik: *Catches it* Alright, now you may begin!

Knuckles: Wechnia, leave this one to me. I can handle her on my own.

Wechnia: Very well.

So then, the battle began. Scorch started by holding out the palm of her hand and launching fireballs at Knuckles, which he managed to dodge as he continued to get closer to the Fire Goddess. Eventually, he got close enough to land a punch, but she quickly grabbed his fist.

Scorch: What, is that all? *Starts burning his fist as she holds on to it*

Knuckles: UHHHHHHH! *Swings his other one at her*

Scorch: *Does the same thing to that one*

Knuckles: GAAAH!

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, come on… Surely, you can do better than this? Yes, I know… In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, I'm quite powerful, as well, but even so, you still put up a MUCH better fight than this last month. What happened? You're not going easy on me because I'm a girl, are you? I do remember hearing you say before that you "[took] no pleasure in fighting women".

Knuckles: You're right… I DON'T like to fight women, but I will if I have to! *Headbutts Scorch right in the face*

Scorch: UHHHHHH! *Falls backward and holds her face, losing her fiery grip on Knuckles' hands in the process*

Wechnia: Nice counterattack.

Knuckles: Thanks. *Starts blowing his hands to cool them off*

Robotnik: Are you alright, Scorch?

Scorch: Yeah, I'm fine. *Gets up and removes her hands from her face, revealing some blood around her nose* Hmph, you've got a hard head, I'll give you that. *Wipes the blood off* Well, that's about it for the warm-up. What do you say we stop playing around and get serious?

Knuckles: That's fine by me. *Fighting stance*

Scorch:  *Same*

Robotnik: (Hmm… I wonder if there's a way for me to quietly sneak away with the Elemental Chaos Ring without Knuckles or Wechnia noticing? I just may give that a try as soon as I get the opportunity to do so…) *Starts sneaking over there*

Scorch: *Holds out the palm of her hand* Take…THIS! *Launches a fire wave at him*

Knuckles: *Dodges*

Scorch: *Continues shooting at him*

Knuckles: *Continues dodging and starts running toward her again*

Scorch: HAHAHAHAHAHA! What, this again? Have you already forgotten what happened a few minutes ago? *Launches another fire wave*

Knuckles: *Dodges that one, too* Knuckle Slam! *Pounds the ground and causes a slight vibration*

Scorch: W-What..!? *Struggles to keep her balance*

Knuckles: (NOW'S my chance!) *Punches Scorch as soon as he gets close enough to her*

Scorch: Uhhhhhhh! *Slides backward* Alright, now you've done it! *Surrounds her fists with fire and charges toward Knuckles* HAAAAAAH!

Knuckles: HAAAAAAH! *Charges toward her, too (with fire around his fist also)*

*They continue throwing punches one another and their fists clash*

While the two of them were in the "heat" of battle, almost entirely unaware of their surroundings, Robotnik was starting to get closer and closer to the Fire Element Chaos Ring. Just in time before he had the chance to grab it, Wechnia, who caught on to what the doctor was going, quickly grabbed his arm.

Wechnia: Touch it, and I'll break your arm.

Robotnik: Is that so? HAHAHAHAHAHA… You just go ahead and try it! I'll gladly see to it that you suffer the same fate as Slu-

Scorch: *Quickly looks over there*

Robotnik: *Notices* …I mean, umm…some OTHER meddler that tried interfering with my plans about a week ago.

Scorch:  (A…week ago? I wonder...) *Gets punched in the face after letting her guard down* Uhhhhhh!

Knuckles: Here's a friendly piece of advice: Always keep your eyes on your opponent.

Scorch: Hmph! Oh, shut up! I don't need any advice from you! *Punches him in the stomach*

Knuckles: Uhhhhhh! *Kneels down, regains his composure, and does the same to her*

Scorch: Ghhhhhh…! *Tackles Knuckles*

*A smoke cloud appears over them as they roll around the ground, fighting*

Wechnia: I have a few questions, Doctor. First of all, who is this "other meddler" that you speak of? Secondly, where did these mysterious new Chaos Rings come from, and why is it that you're after them?

Robotnik: I'm afraid that's classified information.


Hmm, but then again, I suppose I CAN answer your first question! *Takes out Dr. Nega's camera* You'll know for yourself as soon as you join her!

Wechnia: …!

Robotnik: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Aims the camera at him*

Just as Robotnik was getting ready to click the button, Wechnia quickly swung him by the arm and tossed him into the wall with so much force that it caused him to crash right through it.


Wechnia: Hmph. *Picks up the Fire Ring and continues watching the fight* It looks as if those two are really going at it…

Elsewhere, outside of the volcano…

Vector: Here it is, boys…'n' Splash. Accordin' to the radar, one o' those Elemental Chaos Rings're somewhere in this volcano. Now, I just hope we'll be able to geddit wit'out gettin' burnt to a crisp…

Charmy: Hee hee, "bee able". Get it, Splash? *Snickers*

Splash: Yes, I most certainly do! *Giggles*

Espio: *Sweatdrops*

Vector: *Same* Splash, how is it that you still find those puns funny? Knuckles is right, y'know. You've heard 'em enough times for them to've gotten old by now!

Splash: I don't know. It's just as I said before… For some reason, they just never seem to get old to me.

Get it, Charmy? "Beefore"? *Giggles again*

*Espio and Vector anime fall*

Charmy: Hee hee hee! You're funny, Splash! Really, REALLY funny!

Splash: Why, thank you!

Vector: For cryin' out loud, 'ja guys! Do ya wanna get those Chaos Rings 'n' save Slush, or not?

Splash: Right, of course. Come on, let's get going.

*They enter the volcano*

Bean: *Comes from the bushes* It's about TIME! Sheesh! Could those puns possibly get any lamer?

Nack: Ya got 'DAT right! I swear, if I hoid anuddah one o' 'dem puns, I was 'bout ta lose it!

Bean:  Same here, but enough about that. What's the plan? We wait for them to find the Chaos Ring, and then steal it from them?

Nack: Yeah, but befo'ah 'den, I say we throw a smoke bomb at 'em 'r somethin' ta catch 'em off guard foist, and 'DEN swipe it!

Bean: Good idea! Also, why don't we try setting a trap for them, too, like we did last time? After we take the Chaos Ring from them, they'll most likely chase us for it, and during the chase, they'll end up falling RIGHT into our trap, just like before!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! As always, you're definitely speakin' my language! 'Dis time, though, let's diggit a lot closah ta our ride, so we'll be able ta make our getaway wit'out nobody interruptin' us!

Bean: Sounds good to me!

Nack: 'Dis time, 'dose Chaotix chumps ain't gonna know what hit 'em! Preddy soon, 'da two've us 'r' gonna be filthy, stinkin' RICH! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Inside the volcano…

Espio: So, what does the radar say about the Chaos Ring's location?

Vector: It says that we gotta keep movin' somewhere in 'DIS direction. *Points* As soon as we grab it, I say we get outta here 'n' FAST! All this vibratin' is makin' me feel a bit uneasy…

Espio: Indeed. This volcano could erupt at any given moment, so let's find it as quickly as we can.

Further into the volcano…

Knuckles: *Pins Scorch to the ground*

Scorch: Uhhhhh! *Surrounds herself with a fiery aura and knocks him away with a surge of energy*

Knuckles: WHOOOOOAAAH! *Gets blown backwards and falls to the ground*

Scorch: *Gets back up and dashes toward him* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... This time, you're mine! *Surrounds her fist with fire again and throws another punch at him while he's down*

Knuckles: *Rolls out of the way, causing her to punch through the ground and get her fist stuck*

Scorch: AUGH! Damn it!

Knuckles: *Stands up again and uppercuts her*

Scorch: Uhhhhhh! *Falls backwards and slides across the ground*

Wechnia: You're doing good, Knuckles! Just keep hanging in there! *Notices Robotnik sneaking up on him, trying to snatch the Elemental Chaos Ring* Don't EVEN think about it!

Robotnik: Very well then; I'll just turn you into a card! *Aims at Wechnia and presses the button*

Wechnia: *Jumps out of the way*

Robotnik: Curses! That was the last bit of film in the cartridge!

Knuckles: So, Scorch? Are you ready to give up yet?

Scorch: Not quite. *Stands up, surrounds herself with another fiery aura, and hovers into the air*

Knuckles: Huh? Now what?

Scorch: Try THIS on for size! Fire Spin… ATTACK!

After hovering into the air, Scorch started spinning around until she literally turned into a fire tornado, and started launching a volley of fire blasts everywhere, which Knuckles, Wechnia, and even Robotnik had to dodge. As her blasts came in contact with the walls, the volcano began to cave in.

Robotnik: Scorch, that's enough! You're making the volcano cave in! At this rate, you'll kill us all!

Scorch: *Stops* Oh, right. Sorry. Sometimes, I get a bit carried awa-

*A vibration occurs before she could finish the sentence*

Knuckles: I…think it's a bit too late now…

Wechnia:  That's for certain. We'd better escape before the eruption starts!

Knuckles: Right! *Runs off*

Wechnia: *Same*

Scorch: *Runs toward Robotnik, grabs him by the arm, and takes off at the speed of a comet, going right past Knuckles and Wechnia*

Knuckles: You know, I've completely forgotten how fast she was, but enough about that! Let's take that Chaos Ring and get out of here while we still can!

*They take off*


Espio: The vibration… It's getting worse!

Charmy: What do we do!?

Vector: For now, I say we forget about the Chaos Ring 'n' scram! We could always come back for it!

Splash: Yes, that sounds like a plan! *Notices Scorch and Robotnik speeding by* Hmm? Is that-

Scorch: *Zooms right past them*

Splash: That was Scorch… I'm almost certain of it!

Charmy: That was!? That was so fast, I could barely see it!

Vector: You're right, but now's not the time ta worry about that! We've gotta get outta here as soon as possible, or else we're TOAST!

*They run off*

Due to the intense battle that was taking place between Knuckles and Scorch, the volcano has begun to cave in! Will everyone be able to escape in time before they're caught in the volcanic eruption? If so, will they be able to prevent themselves from "falling" in Nack and Bean's trap on the way out? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To "bee" continued…

Mystical Ninja:
Part 4

On the last chapter of Elements of Power, Knuckles and Wechnia encountered Scorch and Dr. Robotnik at the volcano, who were both bent on obtaining the Fire Element Chaos Ring for themselves in order to successfully bring EG-005 to life. Knuckles and Scorch then engaged one another in combat, picking up where they left off in the first episode. The two of them fought a fierce battle that went on for quite some time, until the volcano eventually started to cave in. Not wanting to get themselves caught in the magma flow and/or risk Iblis getting released from his imprisonment in the Fire Element Gem again, Knuckles, Wechnia, Scorch, and Robotnik had no choice to make their escape.

Meanwhile, Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Splash, who've been informed of the situation by Slush, were on their way to the volcano to begin their search for the Elemental Chaos Rings. Little did they know, however, that they were being followed by the two crooks, Nack/Fang and Bean, who were also on the hunt for the newly-created Elemental Chaos Rings. According to themselves, they intend to collect them all in order to sell them for a profit. The two of them also seem to have a surprise in store for the Chaotix when they exit the volcano.

Time is running out… With each second that goes by, the magma flow is rapidly approaching. Thanks to Scorch's super speed, she and Robotnik were able to make their escape. Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Splash weren't very far from the entrance, but Knuckles and Wechnia still have ways to go. Will the two echidnas be able to escape in time before they're reduced to volcanic ash? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

*Knuckles and Wechnia are running off, with some of the lava following them*

Knuckles: *Looks back* Oh, shoot! It's gaining on us! I think we'd better speed up!

Wechnia: Good idea, but first, maybe I should try doing something to slow it down a bit. *His gloves glow green* Chaos… FIST! *Pounds the ground*

After pounding the ground, Wechnia caused a slight tremor, causing lots of rocks and other debris to fall down and temporarily block the flow of the lava.

Knuckles: Good thinking, Wechnia! Now, why don't we go ahead and get out of here before it bursts through the rocks? *Runs off again*

Wechnia: I'm right behind you! *Runs off*

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the two echidnas took off again, with all due speed. Thanks to Wechnia's method, more time was brought for him and Knuckles to get further to the exit. Eventually, as Knuckles predicted, the lava ended up bursting through the rocks, and and proceeded to go in their direction.

Knuckles: We're almost…there! Just a little…further! *Notices Splash and the Chaotix* Hmm?

Vector: Knuckles, Wechnia! Whatta coincidence, bumpin' into you here!

Knuckles: It's nice to see you, too, but there isn't much time to talk right now! The lava…it's heading right this way!

Charmy: *Looks* Ahhhhh! He's right! There it is! *Points*

Splash: I think I have an idea!

Espio: What is it that you're planning to do?

Splash: Perhaps I could use my powers to push the lava back some more, in order to buy additional time for us to escape!

Wechnia: Good idea. Also, while you're busy holding it back with your hydro powers, I could use more debris to stop the lava flow, and keep it from following us we're exiting the volcano!

Vector: Sounds like a plan! I think I'll get in on this, too!

Knuckles: So will I.

Espio: Me, too.

Charmy: Me three!

Vector: A'ight, then let's get ta work!

Just as the lava was rapidly approaching the group of the heroes, Splash quickly used her hydro powers to push it back, while Knuckles and Wechnia used the Knuckle Slam and Chaos Fist techniques to create earthquakes and make more debris rain down and block the lava's path. Espio, Charmy, and Vector, on the other hand, began moving pieces of debris and rubble towards the lava's path that were already in the surrounding area.

Knuckles: Okay, I'd say that's about enough!

Vector: I agree! Let's go ahead 'n' scram while we still can!

*They take off until they eventually reach the exit and escape*

Knuckles: Whew… That was pretty close!

Vector: Yeah, I'll say! It looks like it's gonna be a while until we could go back in for the Elemental Chaos Ring, though…

Wechnia: Actually, I happen to have it right here. *Holds it up*

Vector: Ah, I see! I guess that DOES change a thing 'r' two now, doesn't it?

Espio: Indeed. So far, that's only one of them. We still have six more to find…

Knuckles: "Elemental" Chaos Rings, you said? That's exactly what Robotnik called them, too. Exactly what's going on, here, and how do you guys know about them?

*They explain the situation to Knuckles and Wechnia, just as they did to Tails, Heavy, and Bomb two parts ago*

Knuckles: W-WHAT!? Now THAT explains everything! No wonder he and Scorch were after them!

Wechnia: This also answers my question as to who this "other meddler" was that he spoke of earlier… It was Slush! Since Scorch was around at the time, that definitely explains why he cut himself off mid-speech…

Splash: Yeah. Robotnik won't be able to hide it from her forever, though. Maybe as soon as Scorch finds out, then she can finally stop associating with him!

Slush: *Through the walkie-talkie* Pffft. Knowing her, I highly… *Czzzzzt!* …Doubt that she will. *Czzzzt!* She seems to be… *Czzzzt!* …Completely obsessed… *Czzzzt!* …With "returning the favor" that she feels like she owes him. *Czzzzt!* Honestly, it's just… *Czzzzzt!* …As Amy, Ray, and that Boobowski girl said before… *Czzzzzt!* …It's almost… *Czzzzt!* …As if she's in love with the guy!

Knuckles: Now that you've brought that up again, Slush, you just may be right. At first, I thought it sounded kind of ridiculous when Amy said it, but then I remembered the way Scorch flipped out on us back at the Ice Cap Zone, when we were trying to tell her that Robotnik was using her.

Vector: Ah, yeah. I remember that, too.

Charmy: Ewwww… Gross!

Splash: My thoughts exactly, Charmy. I certainly hope that ISN'T the case…

Slush: Same here. I mean, honestly! What can she… *Czzzzt!* …Possibly SEE in him!?

Wechnia: Your guess is as good as mine, but let's not worry about that right now. Why don't we focus on trying to find the remaining six Elemental Chaos Rings?

Espio: Yes, we should. I don't think we could afford to waste anymore time, since Robotnik and his group are currently searching for them even now, as we speak. If we're to prevent EG-005 from coming to life, then we're going to need to track those Chaos Rings down before they do!

Vector: I'm definitely on board with what you're sayin'. Also, just in case EG-005 does end up comin' to life, then we might need all the help we could get. Say, by the way, has anybody seen Mighty, Tikal, Honey, or Seedra around anywhere?

Knuckles: No, I haven't seen them since we left the beach last week.

Charmy: Hee hee hee, I don't know where Seedra and Honey are, but knowing Mighty and Tikal, they're probably alone somewhere kissing, like Knuckles and Rouge were at the beach that one time! *Snickers*

*Everyone sweatdrops*

Knuckles: Oh, for crying out loud, Charmy! How many times are you gonna keep bringing that up!?

Charmy: It's too funny NOT to bring up!

Knuckles: If I were you, I wouldn't be so proud of all that spying you did, considering the fact that it was YOUR fault that we were in that entire mess with Mephiles!

Charmy: Was not!

Knuckles: Yes, it was!

Charmy: Nah uh! Dr. Nega's the one who brought him back, not me!

Knuckles: Maybe, but if it hadn't been for your antics last year, he would've STILL been in the Master Emerald, and we never would have had to deal with him again three other times!

Charmy: …

Splash: Now, now, just calm down, okay? Mephiles has already been taken care of, and at this point, there's no way we're ever going to see him again, so that's done and over with. There's no use in dwelling in the past… Can't we all just get along?

Knuckles: …

I guess you're right. In any case, why don't we go ahead and look for those Elemental Chaos Rings?

Vector: Sounds good to me. *Checks the radar* Accordin' to the detector, the rest of the Elemental Chaos Rings are-

Before Vector had the chance to finish his sentence, a bomb was suddenly tossed in front of them, with smoke pouring it of it, causing everyone's vision to get clouded.

*They cough*

Charmy: Ahhhh! I…can't see! *Coughs*

Bean: Heh heh heh! I'LL be taking THAT now! *Snatches the Fire Ring from Wechnia*

Wechnia: What the…!?

Nack: 'N' I'LL be takin' 'DIS! *Snatches the radar from Vector*

Knuckles: Those voices… It's Nack and Bean, isn't it!?

Nack: HAHAHAHA! 'Dat's right, chump! We'd love ta stay 'n' chat wit 'cha, but we've got cash ta make! Sayonara, suckas! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Runs off*

Bean: Yeah, later, losers! *Follows Nack*

Splash: Ooh, why those scheming lowlifes! THEY'RE after the Elemental Chaos Rings, too!?

Knuckles: I'll bet Robotnik hired them!

Vector: It wouldn't surprise me if that were the case! Those morons're ALWAYS makin' deals wit' people that can't be trusted!

Slush: If Robotnik… *Czzzzt!* Truly IS the one… *Czzzzt!* …Who hired them, then you've got… *Czzzzt!* …To get that ring back… *Czzzzt!* …At all costs!

Vector: Sure, just leave it ta us! Like I always say… Once we start a job, we finish the job! That's our policy! We're Team Chaotix! C'mon, you guys! Let's geddem!

Slush: Thanks… I'm counting on you guys!

Wasting no more time, the heroes began their pursuit of Nack and Bean in an effort to reclaim the stolen Chaos Ring. As the Chaotix team chased after the two crooks, they had to dodge their bombs and bullets in the process.

Bean: Here, have another taste of Dynamite Power! *Tosses a few more bombs*

Espio: *Tosses shurikens at the bombs, making them explode in midair*

Nack: HAHAHA! Yeah, 'dat's right! You just go ahead 'n' keep on followin' us, chumps! If ya dare!

Knuckles: What's THAT supposed to mean!?

Bean: You'll find out shortly!

Eventually, as they kept running, they ended up coming across the area where the trap was set. Nack and Bean, not wanting to get caught in it themselves, decided to jump over the cleverly-disguised trench and began to make a break for the stolen police car that they used to get there. Splash and the Chaotix team, on the other hand, ended up falling right into it.

Everyone: UHHHHHH!

Charmy: Owwww! Not again!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Looks like ya fell RIGHT into our trap, JUST as I knew ya would!

Bean: Heh heh heh! I'll bet you weren't expecting THAT now, were you?

Nack: Now's 'da chance ta make our getaway in 'da car we stole from 'da cops earlia!

Espio: Resorting to stealing police cars now?

Nack: We ain't have a choice, since 'dat goilfriend o' yours decided ta blow up 'da Marvelous Queen last week! Speakin' of a which, she still owes me money for 'da repair costs 'n' whatnot!

Espio: …Honey is NOT my girlfriend!

Charmy: Suuuuurrreee she isn't! *Snickers*

Knuckles: Charmy, do us all a favor and shut up!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! We'd love ta stay 'n' chat wit' 'cha, but like I was sayin' before, we've got cash ta make! C'mon, Bean! Let's bus' outta 'dis joint!

Bean: Right!

*They run off*

Once again, the Chaotix had Tails' emerald detector stolen from them, as well as the Elemental Chaos Ring that they've worked so hard to get. To make matters worse, they have fallen into yet another trap, and Nack and Bean are on the verge of making their getaway. Will our heroes be able to climb their way out of the trench before the two crooks successfully make their escape? If not, will anyone else show up in the nick of time to block their path? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To "bee" continued…

Mystical Ninja:
Part 5

Last time, on The Goddess of Destruction, Knuckles and Wechnia, after obtaining the Fire Element Chaos Ring, began fleeing from the erupting volcano shortly after Scorch and Robotnik did. On their way out, they ended up running into their comrades, Espio, Charmy, Vector, and Splash, who also came to look for the Chaos Ring. In order to stop the lava flow and by themselves the time they needed to escape, Splash used her hydro powers to push the lava back, while everyone else used the debris caused by the earthquakes to block the magma and prevent it from following them during their escape.

After they managed to successfully flee from the volcano, the Chaotix Detective Agency and Splash explained the situation to Knuckles and Wechnia, and the two of them agreed to take part in tracking down the rest of the Elemental Chaos Rings in order to stop Dr. Robotnik's deadly new creation, EG-005 from coming to life, as well as rescuing Slush from her captivity within another dimension. Before they had the chance to begin their search for the other six, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite stole both the Fire Ring and the emerald detector right from under their nose. Naturally, the heroes began chasing the two criminals down, but unfortunately for them, they ended up falling into a trap.

Will Knuckles and company be able to climb out of the trench in time before the thieves make their escape? Find out in this exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

Bean: *Stops*

Nack: Huh? Whadda ya stoppin' for?

Bean: I just thought I'd give them a little going away present before we left. *Takes out a bomb, lights the fuse, and walks over to the hole*

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Yeah, yeah! Go for it!

Bean:  DYNAMITE POWER! *Drops it in there*

After dropping the bomb in the hole, Splash quickly fired a hydro blast from the palm of her hand and reflected the bomb back to Bean, causing it to blow up right in his face.

Bean: UHHHH! *Gets blackened up*

Nack: Here, lemme give it a shot! *Walks over to the hole, takes out his gun, and aims it down at them*


Nack: HAHAHAHA! Reflect 'DIS one if ya can, chumps! *Starts firing at them*

*They start dodging*

Nack: Hold still already, so I could blow ya freakin' brains out!

Vector: What? Are you freakin' serious? Do you REALLY expect us to just sit here 'n' let you shoot us? You can't be THAT much've a moron, can ya?

Nack: Ah, shaddap! *Aims his gun and continues firing at them*

*They continue dodging the blasts, and Nack eventually runs out of ammo*

Nack: *Pulls the trigger again, and there's nothing but a clicking sound* Ah, crap! I ran outta ammo again! Why does it ALWAYS gotta happen durin' crucial times like 'dis!?

Bean: I don't know, but you could always reload it again. Since we've already gotten the things we're after, why don't we go ahead and split?

Nack: Good idea.

Just as they were getting ready to run back to their stolen police car, machine gun projectiles were suddenly fired in front of the two crooks, causing them to come to a screeching halt.

Nack: What 'da…!?

Bean: Okay, who's there!? Go ahead and show yourself!

*Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Metal Sonic, and Squash drop down in front of them*

Rouge: Well, well… What have we here? Fang and Bean... We weren't expecting to find the two of you here. Up to no good again, as usual?

Nack: Whetha we are 'r not, it ain't none o' ya business! Now move outta 'da way, befo'ah I hafta bussa cap 'n all o' yas!

Shadow: First of all, your threats don't intimidate us one bit. Secondly, you're bluffing. Not too long ago, I heard you say that your gun was out of ammo.

Nack: CRAP!

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! It's just as the saying goes… The weakest dog ALWAYS barks the loudest!

Bean: …

That has GOT to be the weirdest, creepiest laugh I've EVER heard.[/colo]

Squash: You don't know HOW tired I am of hearing that.

*All of the Chaotix climb their way out of the trench (minus Charmy and Splash, who hovered out of it)*

Vector: Looks like the jig's up! The two o' you ain't got nowhere else to run now!

Espio: So just quietly hand over both the detector and the Chaos Ring you've taken from us, nice and easy…

Knuckles: Yes, before we have to take them back by force! *Cracks his knuckles*

Nack: Not so fast, chumps! I might've run outta ammo, but 'dat gun ain't 'da only weapon I've got! *Reaches into his holster and takes out a knife* Come any closah, 'n' I'll slice ya 'n' dice ya!

Bean: Plus, I've still got bombs to use and plenty of matches! I'd recommend getting out of the way, unless you'd like a taste of Dynamite Power!

Nack: Yeah, last warnin'!

Shadow: Again, your threats mean nothing to us.

Squash: Yes, especially since we're being threatened by a couple of weaklings.

Nack: You're gonna regret openin' ya yap, ya dumb broad! Leave 'dis one ta me, Bean! I can take 'er on my own.

Bean: Alright, fine. Go ahead.

With his knife in hand, Nack began charging toward Squash, rapidly swinging it at her. However, the Stone Goddess was able to dodge his attacks with little to no effort.

Squash: You're too slow! AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Is that all you've got? You're pathetic!

Nack: Yeah!? I wouldn't get so cocky if I was you, sistah! *Swings it again and ends up slashing her across the face*

Squash: Ahhhhh! *Holds the side of her face as it bleeds a little*

Splash: Squash!

Squash: Don't worry, I'm okay… That was nothing.

Nack: HAHAHAHA! Howda ya like 'dem apples!? Ya got lucky 'dat time, but 'dis time, Ah'mma slice ya freakin' head off!

Squash: Oh, I would LOVE to see you try!

Nack: HAHAHAHAHA! Dodge 'DIS one if ya can!

In an attempt to slice Squash's head off, Nack decided to swing the knife sideways, but Squash quickly ducked underneath it and punched him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Nack: GAAAAH! *Kneels down and holds his stomach, dropping both his knife and the emerald detector in the process*

Squash: AH-HA-AH-AH-AH-AH! Oh, I'm sorry, what were you saying? Something about slicing my head off, right?

Nack: Ghhh…! You're… You're gonna pay fa 'dat, ya li'l wench! *Reaches for the knife again*

Squash: *Steps on his hand before he has the chance*


Squash: *Grabs him up by the neck* WHAT did you call me!?

Nack: Did I studdah!? *Spits in her face*

Squash: GRRRR! *Proceeds to beat the crap out of him, using her other arm*


Charmy: …

Wait, what did he call her? A "wrench"? I don't get it. Why's she so mad about that? I mean, it's not like that made any sense to call her!

Vector: He said "wench", Charmy, not "wrench". They're two different words, 'n' you're too young ta know what the otha one means.

Charmy: No, I'm not! I'm seventeen, remember? Or, at least I WOULD be if something didn't go wrong with that machine at the Newtrogic High Zone!

Vector: Oh, right. I forgot about that.

Squash: *Angrily slams Nack onto the ground*


Squash: THAT outta teach you!

Nack: *Bruised up with two black eyes, a bloody nose, and stars going around his head* Did anybody…get 'da numbah…o' 'dat bus…?

Rouge: Fang, Fang, Fang. When will you ever learn? *Picks up the emerald detector and tosses it to Knuckles*

Knuckles: *Catches it* Now, Bean, you're next! You might as well not even TRY getting away, because we've got you surrounded!

Bean: …

Shadow: Yes, and your escape path has been blocked. Even if you were able to somehow get past us and drive off, I could easily slow the car down via Chaos Control.

Bean: …

Rouge: So, what's it going to be?

Charmy: Yeah, what's it going to BEE? *Snickers*

*Everyone (except for Splash) glares at him*

Charmy: Hee hee, sorry! I HAD to do it, I just HAD to!

Nack: *Slowly gets back up and whispers to Bean* Pssst! Yo, I've gotta idea!

Bean: *Whispers back* Alright, what is it?

Nack: You've still got some bombs on ya, right? Well, why don't 'cha use one've 'em ta cloud 'da area wit' a buncha smoke 'n' whatnot? 'Dat way, while 'dese chumps're caught off guard, we'll be able ta shove 'em outta 'da way, get 'n da car, 'n' make our escape! It's eitha 'dat, or you could get 'em wit' knockout gas!

Bean: Sounds like a plan, but you might want to do something about Shadow's emerald, so he can't use Chaos Control.

Nack: Good idea! A'ight, let's do it!

Rouge: …You DO realize I heard everything you said just now, don't you?

Nack: Uh, hoid WHAT? I dunno whatcha talkin' about!

Rouge: There's no use in trying to deny it, you know. I'm a bat, and bats have ultrasensitive hearing.

Nack: CRAP!

Vector: Whadda ya say we just go ahead 'n' jump 'em, like we did last time? *Cracks his knuckles*

Knuckles: I've got no problem with that! *Cracks his, too*

Nack: Bring it on! We'll take on ALL o' yas! *Reaches for his knife*

Bean: *Gets ready to toss one of his bomb* Dynamite Pow-

Before Nack and Bean had the chance to use their weapons, both groups stampeded towards them and ganged up on them, leaving the two crooks on the ground, beaten up. Shortly afterwards, they ended up getting tossed into the very trench that they dug up.

Vector: Before pickin' a fight… BEDDAH know who you're up against!

Charmy: Yeah! Better know who you're up against! *Sticks his tongue at them*

Nack: Ghhh…! 'Dis ain't ovah yet, y'hear!? 'Da next time we meet, my gun's gonna be loaded, 'n' when it is, ya beddah say ya prayahs, 'cause Ah'mma pump ya guts full o' lead!

Bean: Yeah, it's either that, or I'll blow you to smithereens!

Wechnia: Whatever. The two of you are nothing but talk. *Picks up the Elemental Chaos Ring*

Shadow: I'll tell you just as I told Mephiles a week ago… There isn't going to BE a "next time" for the two of you.

Nack: Wayda minute, whadda ya sayin'!?

Bean: Let me guess… You're planning on calling the cops on us, right?

Rouge: You guessed it! *Takes out a cellphone and dials 9-1-1* Hello, police? I'm just calling to let you know that we've found the two criminals that you've been looking for all this time. Hmm? Their names, you said? It's Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite. We've also found the police car they've stolen recently. What's that? You're going to be here in about ten to fifteen minutes? Okay, thank you, bye bye. *Hangs up*

Nack: WHAT!? YOU ratted us out to 'da cops!? Are you kiddin' me!? You're a freakin' hypocrite, ya know 'dat!? You're a jewel thief, yaself, 'n' yet YOU have 'da noive ta be squealin' to 'da cops!?

Knuckles: …

I'd hate to say it, but he's got a point there, Rouge…

Rouge: Oh, come on… Whose side are you on, anyway? Does it not count that I've taken part in saving this world several times?

Knuckles: Um…

Rouge: And besides… *Walks towards Knuckles, gently rubbing his face* I thought you and I had something special?

Knuckles: *Blushes* Uh, well…

Charmy: *Snickers*

Bean: I don't know about you, Nack, but I'm not sticking around until the cops get here! *Starts climbing up*

Nack: You're definitely speakin' my language! Let's bus' outta 'dis joint! *Starts climbing, too*

Squash: *Uses her super strength to lift the police car, and places it over the hole to block their escape*

Nack: AH, DAMN IT!

Vector: Sucks to be you!

Fifteen minutes later…

Cop #1: You two are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and WILL be used against you in the court of law.

*Handcuffs get slapped across their wrists, with their arms tied behind their backs*

Nack: 'Ey, wayda minute! Ain't 'cha gonna arrest HER, too!? *Gestures to Rouge*

Cop #1: …What for?

Bean: Oh, gee, I dunno… Maybe it's because she's a JEWEL THIEF!?

Rouge: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, wow! I have NO idea what they're babbling about! THEY'RE the criminals, not me!

Nack: 'Ey, you guys! Didn't she preddy much ADMIT ta bein' a jewel thief about fifteen minutes ago!?

No, wait… She didn't exactly "admit" it, but she definitely wasn't denyin' it when I brought it up! Am I right!?

Knuckles: Umm, nope.

Nack: Whadda ya talkin' about!? Even YOU agreed wit' me earlia!

Knuckles: I don't know what you're talking about. Did you guys hear anything?

Vector: Nope.

Charmy: Me neither!

Shadow: I heard no such thing.

Omega: Negative.

*Everyone else says something similar*

Bean: WHAT!? Oh, come ON! That's BOGUS!

]Nack: Yeah! You guys're nutin' but a buncha stinkin' liars, ya know 'dat!?

Cop #1: Sorry, fellas. For all we know, your claims may very well be true, but there's just no evidence to support it. That's just how the legal system works.

Nack: Yeah!? Well, 'da legal system SUCKS!

Cop #1: But there is, however, more than enough evidence to put the two of YOU away, including your two recent acts of car theft. Take 'em away, boys!

*The Chaotix and company laugh at Nack and Bean as they get dragged to the back of the police car*


*They continue laughing*


Bean: Oh, will you shut up already!? Didn't you hear what the guy said!? You're only giving them more things to use against us!

*The heroes mockingly wave goodbye to them as the cars drive off*

Vector: Man, now 'DAT was PRICELESS!

Espio: Indeed. It's too bad Honey had to miss out on this. I'm sure she would have loved to see it.

Vector: Don't worry, I've got it all on tape, so she still could!

Meanwhile, in the Mystic Ruins jungle…

Robotnik: Well, that certainly didn't go as planned now, did it? The first Elemental Chaos Ring was RIGHT within our grasp, but thanks to those two blasted echidnas, we were unable to obtain it! ARGH! CURSE THEM!

Scorch: Now, now… There's no need to worry, Dr. Robotnik. We could always get it back from them. And besides, I'm sure that Shock, Storm, and Metal Sonic 3.0 have each found at least one by now.

Robotnik: Maybe you're right, but still… Now that Knuckles and Wechnia are aware of the Elemental Chaos Rings, things have definitely taken a turn for the worst! They're most likely going to tell the REST of those Chaotix fools about them, and the word will eventually spread to Sonic and the rest of HIS allies as well! I can't afford to let them interfere with my plans this time! Whatever it takes, I WILL complete Project EG-005, one way or another!

Scorch: I hear you, Doctor. So, what does your radar say about the next one?

Robotnik: *Activates the detector in his glasses* Oh ho! It appears that one of them has landed at the Ice Cap Zone!

Scorch: Ah, I see! Why don't you leave that one to me? By splitting up, I'm sure that we could retrieve all seven of them much faster that way.

Robotnik: Very well. For the time being, I'm going to head back to the base to check on EG-005. I'll resume my search in another area right afterwards. I'm counting on you, Scorch! *Takes off in his Egg –O- Matic*

Scorch: The Ice Cap Zone, huh? How convenient. While I'm there, not only will I get that Elemental Chaos Ring, but I could also ask that polar bear, whose name I forget, about Slush's whereabouts! *Takes off*

Seedra: *Was nearby (unnoticed) and overheard everything* "Eee-Jee-Double-Oh-Five"? So, Robotnik's creating a fifth EG Experiment, huh? I'm not sure what these "Elemental Chaos Rings" are, but seeing how desperate Robotnik is to get ahold of them, I think it's safe to assume that they're pretty powerful, much like the Chaos Emeralds. This "EG-005" that he speaks of… If she's being brought to life with something as powerful as those, then I definitely can't see anything good coming out of it! I have to put a stop to this at all costs! Hopefully, I'll be able to beat Scorch to the punch… *Makes vines extend from her back and starts swinging from tree to tree*

Thanks to the efforts of the Chaotix and company, the two notorious criminals, Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper and Bean the Dynamite were finally brought to justice, but there's no cause to celebrate just yet. Dr. Robotnik is still on the hunt for the Elemental Chaos Rings, and is determined to bring his deadly new creation, EG-005 to life. Luckily, Seedra happened to be in the area and overheard his and Scorch's conversation. Will she be able to beat her older sister to the second Elemental Chaos Ring? Find out in the next exciting chapter of Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power, Episode 3: The Goddess of Destruction!

To "bee" continued…


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