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Apr 27 2015, 07:53 AM by Samui
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Kitsuria will be going down tomorrow, sometime late in the morning (I am estimating around 11am CDT), so I can set up the new server. The outage shouldn't last too long, probably about an hour at most, assuming all goes well.

Update: We're back online, and everything seems to be alright.

Apr 02 2015, 01:16 PM by Samui
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I've made a few small changes to the main portal over the past couple weeks. The 'recent news' has been trimmed down to two posts. I've added a block with links to recent updates to our projects, such as .para//Bound and Digital Dimension. For a while, I had "online" indicators for streamers who were live, but it slowed down the load time of the site, so I disabled it. I plan on doing something more with it soon.

Another thing I would like to start doing is weekly polls. I'm open to ideas for the topics of these polls, so feel free to post them here.

Other than that, I am...

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